I think Uddhav Thackeray…

… has lost his mind.

Yes, Shiv Sena is an emotional party. Yes, they are very radical with their political and religious views. Yes, their means are violent and forceful. Yes, they have been losing ground since the advent of MNS. But what is the Thackeray junior doing here?

Alright I take the argument of targeting Shah Rukh Khan because he ‘hurt’ your sentiments by showing some courtesy to the Paki players. Thats what the sainiks have been doing since the reign of Balasaheb. But whats with the ‘now I oppose’ and ‘now I dont’ agenda? I dont know what the senior leaders of Shiv Sena might be thinking of this confused leadership.

I personally admire Uddhav Thackeray as a person. I think he had the right qualities to make Shiv Sena as a national party. But a competition with his brother Raj and the MNS has left him high and dry. I think Raj and more so the other Congress leaders must be enjoying watching Shiv Sena fall apart in tatters.

Deva Deva! Kay honar mazya Maharashtrache!


4 thoughts on “I think Uddhav Thackeray…

  1. I don’t want to comment on Uddhav Thackeray’s ability to lead Shiv Sena and take it to the national level. The very reason that gives you some political mileage which any political party feeds on, is the common voter’s inability to think what’s good and what’s not for them because the common voter belongs to that stratum of the society which is typically unable to make that decision. This stratum is heavily influenced by the parties. Sena became a known entity after their initial outcry against South Indians in Mumbai which was aimed at influencing the large, also socio-economically backward Maharashtrian population. Two decades later it was followed by a campaign for Hindutva to get them ears and eyes at national level. What is common and also interesting to see is who is getting influenced that forms a major vote bank to bring them to power. What matters later in inconsequential.

    We find it ridiculous, Mayur but you will be quite amazed to see how many people get influenced by these meaningless acts by political parties. Talk to a couple of people in “that” segment of the society and you will find the answers. What these people fail to understand is SRK episode was only an “opportunity” for these guys to make a noise about and get desired attention and this is just one incidence.

  2. I’m looking at videos of Shiv Sainiks being brutally beaten while protesting outside a movie theatre in Chembur, Mumbai. Oh c’mom Uddhav, this is what you want your Sainiks to go through? You want them to be beaten because you JUST CANT digest the fact that your ego has been hurt? Damn You! I irritates me to see a common man like us to be treated in such shabby manner.

    Shah Rukh owns an IPL team. He has every right to decide who plays in his team. And for gods sake, all he said was he would have liked to see Paki players play in the IPL. They did play in the first version. Didnt they? It was 2008. And we still had had terrorist attacks in 2006 and 2007. Then why were they not prevented that time?

    Most importantly, what is the premise of disrupting a movie? You have a problem with the ruling party. So have a problem with the CM too. And since you have been having ego clashes with the CM, you also hate the actor who is being supported by him. And so you hang up on a petty issue and disrupt his movie. In the process you hold a few million people at ransom and send some hapless sainiks to get beaten by the police. How idiotic can that be?

  3. hey man uddhav, the way u r spreading goondaraj, don’t yr wife have anything to say to this? how does she tolerate all this bad name? don’t her friends question her? don’t her maike question her? what abt yr kids man? is this yr act not bad for the children’s upbringing? don’t they have a bad time at shcool with all the friends questioning them? it is shameful to have a husband and a father as u. i rather be an orphan that have a father as u. shame on u.

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