R A N D O M Realizations

Have you ever come across a random realization? Dont expect me to explain you what exactly I’m trying to say. If you understand it, THAT probably might turn out to be a random realization. For example I suddenly realised that I’m thinking as if I have so many things to do and I’m indeed looking very busy on a day like today when I have absolutely no work. Add to that my boss is also not in office. A couple of colleagues have also asked me if I’m very busy. But I’m not. I’m in fact chatting with some friends and trying to think of a topic to rant about. But I realised I tend to think about all the good topics on the days when I have the maximum work. Like I have been thinking about a new story for last few days when I had work. For the matter of fact, I had been working till midnight yesterday. And yet the story was making rounds on my temple and my finger tips. Probably my virility as a writer comes from the fact that I’m challenged by conditions around me. That brings the best out of me and the stories like ‘When they met in Paris’, ‘Draped’, ‘Man in the mirror’ or ‘Beyond Memories’ are just the outcome of it.

Realizations again can be sweet or bitter. Marriage is a good example of it. You never know how patient you are until you have actually got into an argument with your wife and emerged a winner. You wouldn’t also realize, until you are married of course, why it is required to lie to your wife about meeting your ‘male’ friends after office hours. But it becomes imperative after all, when the match is so important and the glass of free beer is just not the one to be missed. You also realise that these realizations were not important to you when you weren’t married and still into your affair/courtship. And you suddenly realise that the wedding belled you   🙂

I realised I could write, when I was in 10th standard. Now there is a sarcasm here (and I hate to explain it). People dont realise they can only scribble and not actually write. Having said that, since the time I started writing, I have also realised that it is turning out to be a very satisfying experience. Many others have started believing it. I had written this post few months back about inspiring 10 other people to write. Well now the count went up to 16, with another friend joining the blogging community. I have realised, good work and perseverance pays   🙂


5 thoughts on “R A N D O M Realizations

  1. Mayur, quite an interesting post. I think your non purposive approach towards writing brings the best out of you and it applies to most of the things around you if you watch it carefully.

    It is popularly termed as unconscious competency which means that you are good but you don’t know about it. You might have started writing not because of the realization that you can write well but because you enjoy writing which just was indeed a random realization.

    The moment you realize that you are good in writing you might just lose all the fun in it as then it becomes important for you to maintain your reputation as a writer and that does not just occur to you. That becomes a purposive realization which will continue to bring the best out of you as you would put in conscious efforts behind it but you won’t appreciate your own work then as then it becomes a matter a survival.

    I would appreciate your comments on this when you realize that you have no work 🙂

  2. Thank you for liking. Generally the RANDOM tagged posts are like this one. Purely random. They perfectly echo the thoughts I normally have.

    By the way I just started writing when I was 14. I never realised that I could write well. Well some times I do, when people like you and couple of more members of the mutual admiration society bring it to my notice. But then I read other people… fellow bloggers like Kidakaka or Shilpadesh and many more seasoned bloggers around. And then I realise how naive I am.

    Thankfully I have always written to satisfy myself. One reason why I never wrote for the college magazine either, despite being on the editorial committee and literary committee for 2 years . Had I made an attempt to build a fan base, my writing would not have lasted 14 years. It might have been a dump some where.

    Thanks anyway!

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