… or Stunned? That is what the spectators and fans of Indian team are looking like. We, the recently crowned number one team in the world, playing against the number 2 South Africa on our own soil and on a flat track in Nagpur are staring haplessly at innings defeat.

Defeat now looks only a formality. I haven’t seen a better application of perfect reverse swing and pace for a long time. We are stung by the Dale bee. Or should I say we are Steyned?

I’m talking about test cricket! Anyway, that makes me ask you a question. Do we deserve the No. 1 spot?

6 thoughts on “Steyned!!!

  1. Steyn undoubtedly in #1 bowler however the result of this match should not disappoint us to an extent where we start wondering if we deserve #1 position. We have earned the position and #1 slot in test cricket can never be by fluke.

    Remember, even South African struggled to level the series against the relatively weak England. Let us not comment on our abilities until the end of the series. All credit to the South Africans though.

    • The way we played against SA and also against Bangladesh, I dont think we deserve to be No.1. Since we last played and won against Australia, the performance hasn’t been really sparkling. You can win matches and reach the pinnacle. But the true number one is the one who successfully defends the title. Sustainability and consistency is important, which I think we lack at the moment.

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