Is Language THAT important?

I dont understand a thing of this war over languages. Why shouldn’t I have a freedom to learn, write or talk in the language of my choice as long as the person I wish to speak to understands what I am saying?

Is it not common sense?


9 thoughts on “Is Language THAT important?

  1. Your point is absolutely correct! Fact of the matter is language is medium to communicate. Be it Hindi/English/ Marathi/ Tamil/ Punjabi, till the time the person across is able to understand what you are saying and vice versa why make an issue over it or get touchy about it. I mean you know Marathi because you live in western India while I don’t because I live in Northern India. Now how foolish will that be if you insist on only talking in Marathi with rest of the world.

    Recently I was discussing with someone about life in Chennai without knowing Tamil and surprisingly a lot of people told me you can survive just fine with English. of course once you live in a different part of the country/world you are bound to pick up the local language too but that defi should not be a point of concern

  2. @Pallavi: Understand this. If I know only Marathi and you know only Punjabi, we will not be able to communicate unless either I learn your language or you learn mine. So if I’m in Punjab, I should be willing to learn Punjabi if I want to communicate with you. Similarly for you too. So if we are in some other region altogether, we both should be learning their language. If we show the willingness, no one should force us.

  3. I think we should work hard to make the world agree to use Marathi. Because then I won’t have to go through the pain of mugging up English words and their not so consistent pronunciation. 😐

  4. And put the rest of the world in the agony of correctly pronouncing the simple daily use words like ‘Poli’ and ‘Sakalchi Wel’

    Good Idea. You are the future man!

    I suggest we learn Na’vi or Elvish. What say?

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