Whats Wrong in Car Pooling?

I dont understand why people in Mumbai dont use Car pools. I have observed that almost every car plying on the roads is carrying just person (the driver/owner) or two persons. Meaning for every 100 cars travelling on the road, maximum number of people in them might be just over 150.

However if people use car pool, the number of cars on the road carrying the same number of people would go down to 40. That is 60 cars (or at least 50 cars) less per hundred cars at the moment. This should help to reduce the congestion on the roads and the pollution in the air by half.

I know this makes sense. But still people dont use car pool. Why?

9 thoughts on “Whats Wrong in Car Pooling?

  1. Some people are too arrogant to share. They like to show off and think that car pooling is below their status. And it is usually the nouveau riche that show off.
    Better still, why not use public transport and use your two legs over short distances?

  2. You know I have proposed a application at our office which helps in car pooling , which people said the people who are travelling alone in car needs privacy it seems !
    What the heck!

  3. I feel that people have started realizing the challenges that the city faces now and are open to the idea car-pooling. The situation is better than what is used to be a few years ago though the number of cars on the road has also gone up. It is a good idea to post such topics and spread word about it.

  4. I have registered myself on two websites for Carpooling. But I’m yet to receive any query. To save costs and to contribute to the relief of traffic problem, I have decided to use my 2 wheeler.

  5. There are couple of difficuilties in car pooling that people are reluctant to overcome.
    Car owner has to follow stipulated timings strictly. He can’t be late or early as his fellow traveller is dependent on him. Also there comes problem when owner or his fellow traveller has to change his timing for a day.

    • @Vega: Yes but I’m sure there are ways to overcome it. Variance for a day or two should be allowed. And of course, every one can adjust a little bit for the sake of traffic and pollution wows, is it not?

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