The Wishing Well

Are you asking where is it? It is RIGHT HERE. Yes, exactly! This post is your wishing well and the comments section is where you got to put your wishes. I know this sounds funny. But it is good to be funny and stupid, is it not? How else will you justify the happy living then?

Anyway. Although this might seem like the eternal chain mails with Angels, Jesus to Sai Baba pictures making your wish come true. I’d still urge you to scribble some thing. It wouldn’t harm you if you decide to put a wish down here. I’m a strong believer of the ‘Law of attraction.’ So I believe writing your wish list and reading through it every day acts like a catalyst to your efforts put in achieving the goals (read wishes). In any case, you’ll be spamming my blog. So dont worry and go ahead… rant some thing.


19 thoughts on “The Wishing Well

  1. I want a Brabus convertible SLR. Now you’re telling me if I write it and read this again and again, the car will magically appear in front of my door some day?

    Anyway, who knows? It might! I’m just like one of those people who forward “if you forward this mail to 20 people you know, you will receive a cheque from Microsoft worth $10,000!”.

    I just don’t want to take risk by not following what you’re saying.

    *Looking out of Window for the first sight of my Brabus*

  2. Hmmm… I know, it is difficult to believe. And yes it looks like the chain mails. But the law of attraction does work. I’ll share an experience with you. I had pinned a picture of a highrise building about an year back on my desk at my wife’s insistence. She told me if you want a house, you need to attract it. I absolutely ridiculed her suggestions, thinking about my absolute zero savings in last October. But still went ahead and did it. Things turned out to be good, my efforts reaped results and I booked a 3BHK in April. It is just an example.

    Of course I delete the chain mails as well. I dont believe them.

    And as I said, you are spamming my blog. So why bother?

  3. Hey .. Saturday Lotto Jackpot .. so thats the wish .. 5 days to GO…
    And yeah i like your idea of the picutre… so WISHING for the jackpot .. lets see how close I get 🙂

  4. Okay (this post came just when I wanted to make a wish and of course I hope it is granted too) Resolution 2009 accomplished now I should be able to fulfill the one for 2010…pls! pls

  5. My wish is to have a house in DP. .. its my long cherished wish. And if its gonna work by writing it down or pinning a picture, nothing like it. 🙂

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