When will Indians Learn Manners?

Two separate incidents yesterday made me believe that it is not only difficult but near impossible to teach us Indians to apply basic common sense when it comes to manners and obeying rules.

Incident 1: My office has newly shifted to a big corporate park recently. Since the building is being finished, the employees are required to use the service doors for entry and exit. It is a spring door, meaning it retracts by itself (I dont know what it is called). The wing where my office is located also houses companies like Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, IBM, LRN, and the likes. So yesterday late evening when I was getting out of my office building, about 4 guys from IBM were walking about 10 feet in front of me. I had a laptop in one hand and my mobile in other. As we all approached the door, while on of these guys opened the door, I decided to check what it was it. And… BANG! The door got slammed on my face. Surprisingly, none of the four guys were courteous enough to look back, forget holding it for me.

Incident 2: On my way back to home, a guy oh his bike was driving almost at neck to neck pace with me on the highway, coincidently though. A peculiar thing was, he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Now this is very unsafe considering speeds in excess of 70-80 kms per hour. After passing over 3 fly overs, he slowed down and wore the helmet tucked on the mirror while still driving. Reason? we were approaching the Check Naka where the traffic police are present. So he was actually afraid of the of the bribe or the Rs. 100 fine and not losing his life? strange.

Gosh… when will we learn?


5 thoughts on “When will Indians Learn Manners?

  1. They will never learn!!
    I too faced a incident to give a summary it is the traffic rules in hyderabad.
    Everyone follows it when police is standing there , none follows if police is not there!!
    As Gaurav said if we can hold a weapon and shoot them if they dont follow then 70 percent of our population will die!!

  2. I’ll answer you. Never.

    When the Pune police was contemplating of making helmets compulsory, there was a “movement” in this city trying to show us our “errors” in insisting on helmets. Imagine!

    I see idiots riding bikes on highways without helmets everyday! They wear caps, as if when they fall the cap would miraculously turn into a helmet and save their head.

    I see idiots riding triple seat on tiny bikes (Splendors and Pulsars) everyday in the city and on highways.

    Last month we were riding back from Hedvi, and our group was stopped by a highway patrol team. They were advising us that we should not be riding this fast, because speed kills and all that, and that we would be in an accident if we didn’t slow down. We were all wearing not just helmets, but protective gear and riding boots. When I reached the spot and stopped, we saw a man riding a Splendor, with two women wearing sarees sitting behind him (you know how women wearing sarees sit on two-wheelers; obviously none of them was wearing a helmet or even proper shoes, they were all wearing chappals) overtake a Santro sharply at around 30kmph and brake in front of the Santro! The Santro guy was caught unawares, so he braked at the last moment, and hit the bike. The three idiots on the bike fell down, the Santro’s bumper broke. To top it off, there was an Indica tailgating the Santro (on a highway!!!) who also braked at the last moment and hit the poor Santro guy from behind. His bonnet caved in as a result.

    All of this happened within 2-3 minutes. So we turned to the policemen who had stopped us and told them that it’s not speed that causes accidents, but stupidity.

    And I have had people triple-seating on Pulsar 150s without helmet or shoes trying to race with me at 100kmph on highways, and feeling mighty proud of it.

    Most of these people claim that they are so smart that at the time of accident, they would twist and turn their body in such a way that their head would not be hurt. Imagine!

  3. In our country, we obey rules because we are afraid of being caught cheating on them. Not because we are ashamed of living like wild animals. Thats the whole point.

    @Amit: Nice to see you back after a long time

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