She’s Got the Look

I’ll tell you a secret. Looks are very important for one to get married. Now that you know it, it no longer is a secret. Alright? 🙂

Jokes apart. I know a girl who’s been looking for a suitable groom for almost more than 2 years now. She is a good looking girl. Now I wouldn’t say stunning, but fairly attractive. The problem is NOT that she is attractive. The problem is, because she is attractive, she wants her groom to be a very handsome man as well. And she’s been rejecting good proposals regularly in search of the ‘perfect groom’.

It made me remember my elder cousin. She spent almost 3 years in search of a perfect groom. Even she is a very attractive female, and also a highly qualified one. She had a list of other criteria besides looks. Although looks was the primary one. My Mama (maternal uncle) got a high blood pressure and her siblings tore their hair in frustration. But eventually she did find her match and is happily married for last 2 and half years.

I’ve also seen many boys looking for that perfect female to be their wife. Eventually most of them settle for a closest possible match. It makes me wonder, are looks THAT important? “Arre Bhai Soorat pe kyun jaate ho. Seerat dekho yaar. Dil Sachha Chehera Jhoota.” Thankfully my wife didn’t have such a criteria. Otherwise by that equation, I’d have still been unmarried. 🙂

Anyway, remember the ground rule. “If she’s got the look, he’s got to have the looks AS WELL”


4 thoughts on “She’s Got the Look

  1. Life comes as a package deal. There are no buffets when it comes to making life-partner choices. So looks are also part of the deal. The point is how much weightage do you put to looks? That is an individualistic thing. Then again, looks are only part of the physical attributes. So overall physical form is also part of the package deal. Education, lifestyle, family background, etc these are all part of the package deal. If someone tells me they are ready to marry the most hideous looking person on earth just because the other person is the most purest mind on earth, i would say either that person is lying or is on his/her path towards enlightenment ( in which case marriage should not really be on his/her mind :-))
    so i would say ..seerat dekho, soorat bhi dekho ..bas kisko kitna importance dena hain woh decide karo…


  2. The price tag and desire-fed obstacles that this society has put around a natural event in passage of life makes this ritual worthless.

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