The Facial

There is a good humour in getting your facial done. And I’m sure most of the guys will disagree to the ‘humour’ part of it. But believe me, it is only the humour that can take you through the ordeal 🙂

The last time I did one was when I got married. A guy at an upmarket salon in Nagpur had tricked me into buying a ‘Groom package’ and as any other ordinary customer, I fell for the supposed ‘wow’ I was going to get. It all started with a 15 min steam on my face. They wanted to open the pores of my skin so that all the dirt can be extracted out. I wondered, was I THAT dirty? Even before I was nearly choked to death on that ‘steamer’, this wise guy came back with a tiny metal scalpel like thing. I thought he was going to clean my ears. I was wrong. The next 10 min I felt how a sheep must be feeling when she is fleeced. Except, her nose and good part of cheeks are not mutilated. I wonder why Police dont use technique for getting the information out from miscreants.

There is no better torture than to apply the cleansing solutions, or worst the bleach on a already half dead man. The smell of ammonia almost makes you say, ‘buddy, take my ATM pin. But let me go please…’. Sigh! Dont forget, you have just bought a ‘groom’ package. So there was more to follow. A series of different coloured smelly packs was applied on all visible open skin. Every new ‘pack’ applied, as they say, meant another 20 min of waiting period. All in all it took them more than 4 hours to make an attempt to make me look good. The only saving grace was the manicure and pedicure done by a girl between one of those packs. 🙂

So at the end of the exercise, I was told that my face will ‘glow’ after 3-4 days. Without being modest, I thought I looked better before getting a facial done. So that became a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for me. When my wife asked me if I could go to the same salon and go through the same thing… I flatly refused. Let there be peace 🙂


18 thoughts on “The Facial

  1. He he I was made to go through this by my GF , when i had visited india, last year. No wonder she was laughing having a ball of time while i was burning my face off. Never again me tooo…

  2. Huh well said. I HATE getting a facial done. I hate it when someone touches my face with cold hands and applies more cold stuff that has to dry and I have to WAIT till it dries, with cold cucumber pieces on my eyes…..I get all fidgety and start scratching my chin coz it is all irritating. Then they put that weird music and vanish for ages. Atleast putting some nice masala songs would help the wait. Then they scratch the face with that metallic thing….ugh I hate facials.

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  4. haha..I know the feeling…Even being a gurl, I could never endure that torture.The last and first time I got it done was for my wedding too.
    I still cant comprehend why people would pay to get tortured and worse U dont even look good after all that torture..its just a subliminal consolation which happens for people who think they do.

  5. I’m just beginning to wonder, was it that funny? 🙂

    Anyway, gang of girls- I’m going to reply to each of you separately. I’m currently travelling in a train, coming back to Mumbai.

  6. ha ha ha …. 🙂

    Well said…. too good… and the girls get it done every now and then… I wud better invest that time in reading some good book… :))

  7. @ Jina and Shilpa: How surprising is it that you girls dont like facials? I’m being repeatedly told by girls that it does help. I dont know who all were ‘helped’ except the ones who sell the ‘facial service’

    @ Sapna and Smita: Contrasting views are here already. Girls themselves aren’t liking the facial. Does that speak for itself… doesn’t it?

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