One Year After Attacks, Have We Moved On?

In another 4 days, the dreaded terror attack on Mumbai will complete one year. A night when a handful of gunmen from across the border held the city at gunpoint will be remembered again. It was an incident, which changed the life of many people. But has any thing really changed otherwise?

As an after effect we saw both CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and Deputy CM & Home Minister R R Patil being removed from their posts. The ruling Congress party was flayed, the intelligence agencies were questioned, other political parties were criticized, Raj Thackeray was ridiculed. The people of Mumbai gathered together for a solidarity march at the gateway of India. The protests arose, the cause was raised and gradually every thing died a slow painful death. Is it an irony? I don’t think so…

The only terrorist captured alive is still living in the Arthur road jail without much discomfort. The perpetrators and conspirators are freely roaming around in Pakistan. We are (still) waiting for US to help us.  Congress came back to power both at the centre and state assembly. Vilasrao is enjoying his stint as the union minister for heavy industries, R R Patil is back at the helm of home ministry, Raj is back and busy fighting for the Marathi ‘language’ rather than the people, conducting gheraon and angry protests on issues as trivial as debating on ‘Why Hindi is not a national language’. Shiv Sena, now led by a much mellowed Uddhav Thackeray is criticizing the legendary Sachin Tendulkar because he put India ahead of any one else. It looks like they are coming back to the vandalizing best. The men who could have, should have and must be protecting us from the possible attacks, the Police are busy pointing fingers at each other, one year after we were attacked.

Nothing has changed for a normal Mumbaikar like me… and nothing ever will. Terrorism, in my opinion, is a secondary problem for us. We are battling more than that every day, every month… the ever increasing population on roads, trains and buses, the sky rocketing property prices, the water and power crisis, substandard infrastructure and a slowly retreating ghost named recession. Every day journey to the office seems like a solidarity drive.

I think Mumbai is ready for another attack. Any takers?

4 thoughts on “One Year After Attacks, Have We Moved On?

  1. Oh definitely, Cause we have not learnt anything from our mistakes , i was reading the news the other day how there was some sort of GHAPLA still in the bullet proof jackets for the police. The thing is till we change the basic structure of our politics and people in high commands , its difficult to change. SO yeah i am right with you MUMBAI is ready for it Aagain well not just Mumbai any metro i ready.

    Nice article. Great to Read

  2. Why just Mumbai every city in India can be attacked anytime.. Guwahati just got bombed again.. Every city and every citizen is vulnerable. Damn these politicians.. mourning won’t help nor will giving a speech comfort anyone…Lot many issues, problems, road blocks need to be countered for a secure India! Most importantly the ones who represent us need to be CHANGED.

    Otherwise here is how I sum up perspective on an avg Indian ‘I was lucky I escaped this time but it could be me next!’

  3. I read an interesting quote in yesterday’s newspapers. I dont remember the exact words. SO I’m tweaking it as per what I understood out of it.

    “A man doesn’t die for what he thinks to be the truth. But he dies for what he wants to be the truth. Terror is one such form of a battle between the truthful agonies and relentless desires to establish what one wants to be true”

    Every man who dies in a terror attack, terrorists and innocent men alike, dies for a cause. The world debates on the claim for the righteousness of these causes. If we address this, there will no longer be terrorism.

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