Movie Review: 2012

2012_wall_paperI’m pretty damn sure of the kind of movies the Americans make. They have just the two types of ends. America saves America or America saves the world. Have you seen any other end? 2012 is very much like that, albeit they have shown the American politicians to be bad. Probably because of the fact that the director Roland Emmerich is a German and producer and writer of the movie Harold Kloser is an Austrian. They are not native Americans.

Anyway, I guess so you already know the story. 2012 is all about the judgement day, how it has come to us, how it gets discovered, how we all get engulfed in the fury of nature and how a handful manage to survive to start the new era. Would you like to know a bit detail? Alright… So we have a Dr. Adrian Hemsley (Chiwetel Ejofor), an American scientist who, on his India trip, discovers that the earth’s core has been behaving really strange. An Indian astrophysicist played by Jimmy Mistry is the one who actually discovers the fact that the doomsday is near. They predict that the world is going to end on 23-12-2012. The white house is moved, so are the heads of state at the G8 summit. They all come together and decide to build a ship in China, a large vessel that will take all the impacts of the unruly nature on the doomsday and will survive in the new era. The ship will only be able to accommodate a few thousands. So they decide to let the few genetically superior (by their own admission) people who can then evolve and produce a new world.

But Americans, as you know, are very shrewd and weird. They sell the tickets on the ship to wealthy billionaires in order to fund the expedition and leave every one else tottering, even their own country men. Hmmm… finally only a handful of them manage to get on the ship and they survive the doomsday. The ship actually reminded me of the old-time mythological stories. It says when the ‘yug’ or the era ends, god sends the big ship on earth. It accommodates all species and humans who are good willed and pure. So that they can start the new era. I guess Roland Emmerich wanted to show that to us. So thats the movie about.

Oh yes, I forgot Jackson Curtis, played by John Cusack. He doesn’t have any significance, though he enjoys the highest screen presence. Jackson Curtis manages to save his family and some how takes them to China, where the ship is located.

All in all it is a good movie with great special effects and wonderful picturisation. Roland also scores a winner here in the story narration. A must watch if you are an action freak. Just dont get scared of the destruction shown.


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