I Have a Dream

This a children’s day special post.

Yes I know I am late in putting up this post here by a day. But the cause for underprivileged children doesn’t die in a single day. So here it is. By the way I’m not trying to tell you the how and what of the cause. This is only a piece of communication I had with 3 children who were/are/can be deprived of a fair chance. I asked a few questions to them and I’m putting their answers here. You are intelligent to note my point.


1) Hey, what do you do (for living)?

Arun: Kay Saheb maskari kartay ka? Meaning , what sir, are you joking? (Arun worked as an office boy at my old employer’s office. He is 19 years old)

Manjeet: Aapko to malum hai na bhaiyya. Meaning, you know it already, brother. (Manjeet is the daughter of our house help. Often she does chores at the homes of people like us. She is 15 years old)

Chutki: I play, I eat and I go to school. (Chutki is the daughter of our maid cum cook. She is 7 years old).

2) So do you go to school to study/ Have gone to school to study?

Arun: Yes. I appeared 10th. But left after that. I dont know if I passed. (When I asked why?) We are poor people sir. We dont have big college in our village. My father couldn’t afford to send me to big city for studies. So I decided to work myself and study. But it is not possible, because I have lot of work here. So I have now left it all.

Manjeet: Yes. I studied till 5th. But left. (When I asked why?) What do I study for? My mother says, my sister is a metric (10th) pass. Even she works as a house help. She says at my age I’m earning, which is good. She says I should learn things that will pay.

Chutki: Yes. I go to school. I learn ‘A’, ‘AA’ ‘Eii’ (Marathi vowels and alphabets), also A, B, C, D… I play also.

3) Do your parents help you in matter of studies/ Do they teach you/ Encourage you?

Arun: No. Even they are not educated. My father wanted to educate me. But he had no big money. You need donations to go to a big college. We cant afford that.

Manjeet: No. And why should she? She is helping me to earn money. I can use it to fulfil my dreams.

Chutki: No.

4) What is your dream? What do you want to achieve in life?

Arun: I wanted to be a pilot. But you see, I’m not educated enough. I dont know if I have any chance.

Manjeet: I wanted to become a fashion designer. But I know the course fees and other expenses are very high. So I have decided to be a beautician. I also go to a parlour where I learn all these things. Once I save enough money (by doing chores), I will open my own.

Chutki: I want to be Kareena Kapoor. (Understandably so. When asked why?) She is very beautiful and she is famous. Then I will also act in movies.


I’m sure all of you go to multiplexes and watch movies, dine out, buy expensive clothing every month. I’m sure your expenses are in thousands. It only takes about 75 rupees per month to educate a child. We are a great country. The greatness in size now has to become greatness of minds. Think about it.


7 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. The situation is getting worse day by day. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are getting poorer.

    People should contribute for the development of poor children.

  2. Wonderful eye-opening post Mayur. It really is sad to see how people spend tons of money over worthless pursuits but can’t spend a little towards a good cause. I used to give my old books and stationary to the children of our domestic help back in home. I look forward to helping many more.

  3. Mayur
    I usually donate every year approx 8K
    Also would like to donate for cause may be in kind also
    cloths of my kids ,books ,Toys
    Please let me know how can we do this
    Coz every year i just go & give to street childrens
    Regds Vijay Sharma

  4. adopting a child ( read even if it is only to sponsor their education) is such a beautiful feeling and thing to do…I think we all shud have at least one! ( i do :))

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