Well Done Raj Saheb

Raj_ThackerayMaharashtra has witnessed exceptionally grand swearing in ceremony yesterday. We have had fire crackers that could beat the best of hooliganism from Bihar and UP. 4 MLAs from the coveted Maharashtra Navnirman Sena created ruckus in the house by stalling the swearing in procedure and actually beating Samajwadi party MLA Abu Azmi. Reason? He was taking an oath in India’s national language.

Who were they? Ramdas Kadam- he had been arrested earlier for disrupting the electoral procedures on the polling day. Shishir Shinde- The famous man who dug up the Brabourne stadium pitch as a Shiv Sainik before an India Pakistan match. Ramesh Wanjale- a former NCP guy who had nothing to do with the ‘Marathi Manoos’ agenda, but changed factions just for a ticket to contest. Vasant Gite- one who lead to the revolt against north Indians in Nasik.

Best… nothing like it. This is how a ‘troubled Marathi manoos’ will be thoroughly honoured. This is how all his problems will vanish. And Raj Thackeray has congratulated his men for doing so. Wonderful! Well done Raj saheb.

Yes we ought to respect the language. Yes we need to care about our people. But no… a complete NO to hooliganism and utter stupidity. Raj Saheb, I think the ideology needs to change. Please work for the betterment of a Marathi Manoos, not to bereave him from respect and harmony.

9 thoughts on “Well Done Raj Saheb

  1. Wonderful Post!

    I think Abu Azmi should have taken the oath in Marathi. What’s wrong in that?
    Everybody took vote in Marathi, nothing would have gone wrong had he spoken two words in Marathi. He also provoked them.

  2. Yes. Nothing wrong… but dont you think this is all a publicity gimmick? Even Raj has been notoriously provoking the ‘aam’ junta for long.

    It wont make a difference what language they use, if none of them are going to honour the oath any way 🙂

  3. But I think I agree in spirit with what you said about Azmi taking oath in Marathi. These people do not realize that they are only stoking communal fires by their actions(or maybe theydo, thats what they want)

  4. It seems that he is doing all this for publicity.
    Also, he started the tirade against the north indians a couple of months before the lok sabha elections. This proves that.

    No politician honours the oath taken.

  5. Its not about Marathi. Its not about people coming in from UP. I believe Raj has a 5 year plan and he is sowing the seeds right here right now. His positioning is ” I do what I say”. He has realised that people have lost faith in politicians ability to walk the talk. All his actions till the next assembly elections will be geared towards strengthening this position. This will be his poll plank 5 years hence.


  6. We are being naive by blaming a certain politician alone.

    The Shiv Sena under Uddhav Thackeray’s leadership was gaining ground in rural Maharashtra which has been the traditional turf of the NCP.

    So Sharad Pawar got Raj away from the SS,and they are both helping each other.

    Naraya Rane too is a small pawn in the Pawar politics.

    As far as Abu Azmi is concerned,he wanted a Anti-Marathi issue in UP to counter Behenji’s growing influence…..

    So this is everyone against Right Winged parties in India.

    BTW I am an NDA supporter.

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