How Green can You Be?

As a part of Green Data Center initiative, we have been asked to suggest ways to make changes in our daily processes and procedures (along with changes in the material we use). I suggested a few. Two of them have been implemented immediately. I’m listing them here.

  • Lot of people have a habit of taking print outs unnecessarily. They do that because they find it troublesome to read from the small screens. So I suggested larger screens for those who need to take prints frequently, especially the accounts guys. This has been accepted. Even post it will now be banned. Instead, each desk is now provided with a white board in order to store reminders.
  • We have decided to abandon the coffee cups. Now the tea and coffee will be served in an environmental friendly recyclable paper cups. This will save water.
  • Wireless routers have been installed. This will help us reduce the rubber usage.
  • I have suggested use of sanitizers so that water usage can be reduced further. Besides the wash rooms are now fitted with infrared sensor taps. So it will avoid leakage.
  • Employees are requested to bring their food in disposable containers so that washing of utensils can be avoided.
  • Smoking in and around office premises has now been completely banned.

… and I’m wearing a green shirt today. 🙂


5 thoughts on “How Green can You Be?

  1. wow.. those are wonderful initiatives! If all of these points are followed religiously, I’m sure it will make your office very eco-friendly! Go Green!! 🙂

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