Part Three awaited?

The story, Tejas and Namita has received variety of feedbacks. I’m happy to now that many people have read and appreciated the story. Lot of them told me that I have touched a new subject and that it is looking good. Thanks a lot!  🙂

Part I generated the anxiety and received good comments. Part II has actually run dry on responses. Not that people didn’t respond, they shied away from commenting on the blog. I have received at least 10 opinions and comments in different forms on the same. Some face to face, some on chat and a couple on an email. All of them are expecting a part three. But let me tell you, I have not yet decided on it.

What bothers me here is “Is the matter of virginity and asking the person about his/her sexually active/inactive status is such a taboo that no one wants to discuss it?” Was Tejas wrong in asking this question to Namita?

I’m surprised.

16 thoughts on “Part Three awaited?

  1. Mayur the way he asked the question was not right! it was crude on the face, these subjects can if discussed if must but there is defi a better way to approach it.

    Poor Tejas, didn’t ask his best friend how he should take it up, maybe it wud have helped him. still not lost, has he? 🙂 he can still win over namita, just needs to follow the right track! 🙂

    Oh ya: It is not a taboo but the problem is we only want to hear one answer.. if it swings the other way, It is not acceptable to many and thats wat worried tejas. it was not so much about how will he ask but what if she says thats she is not a virgin…I can bet, he wouldn’t have married Namita

  2. All I can say is that we are not comfortable discussing our sexual status in public… may it be orientation or activity. And whatever the status, we are not comfortable with it either.

  3. Hey Mayur,

    I dont think this is an issue of how the question was asked or where it was asked. It is more an issue of stereotypes in general and sexual attitude in particular. If Tejas is guilty of assuming that a UK return female would have had sex, so is Namita guilty of assuming that all guys have sexual relations before marriage. These prejudices and generalizations are what affect us day in and day out. Humans are invariably led into this trap because the amount of data facing us is too humongous and difficult to interpret – our brains are not working at full capacity to do that. Generalizations give us an easy way out. They let us make more sense of our world.
    Coming to the sex part of it, I need to do a coarse analogy. Tell me, which human being, man or woman, likes to use second hand things? If you buy a TV, dont you ask the salesman to send a fresh piece and not the one that is on display? why ? this is because we are worried that used things may be soiled – either physically or emotionally. My take on pre-marital sex is that the emotional soiling ( of letting your guard down with another partner) is what scares people. Virginity is only a proxy measure. There is no easy answer to this. It is very much a function of the individual’s personality.


  4. Hmm. I was expecting this backlash .. Hence i did mention that it was a coarse analogy…comparing a human to an inanimate object…apologies if this ruffled some feathers.. but i hope you get my point


  5. I didn’t read Part 1 and 2 therefore I don’t know who asked whom, and what was the exact question and the background that lead to the question, but going by what I read in this post, the only thing I can say is that we are a hypocritic society.

  6. I don’t know. I was thinking about it yesterday and I think I *might* just give him another chance……..maybe he said that because he was not thinking clearly? (I might get lynched by feminists!!!! Although sometimes I think I am one!)

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