What Does a Marathi Manoos Want?

… a question that goes unanswered in all the elections. From wherever and whenever the Thackerays started wooing the Marathi junta, I dont really remember one good initiative taken by any one to ask the real ‘Common Marathi Manoos’ as to what his real demands are.

In fact, in between the digging of the cricket pitches, the riotings and the banishing of the so called ‘Bhaiyyas’, the real cause of concern has been getting lost time and again. The situation is that now the real common ‘Marathi Manoos’ doesn’t know where to start and what does he really need from the innumerable political agendas being manifested and bulldozed on his own name. May be he has accepted the silent corrupt (read Congress) over the shouting bigots as his and Maharashtra’s saviour for a better future. Yes, Raj Thackeray has won 13 seats in Maharashtra. We have seen all the talking he did. May be we can see things improving on the ground level too. May be…

Anyway, I’m not spending too much time on who has done what and who wants to do more. I’m just addressing the plain question asked by a ‘common marathi manoos’ and I want you (YOU the reader) to answer it for me.

PS: In my opinion, all a Marathi Manoos wants is better opportunities for him, better living conditions in his own motherland, greater financial stability and peaceful dwelling. And of course he doesn’t like some one else dominating his life. But I’m sure he doesn’t care who sits next to him in his office, whether a Gujarathi or a Bihari.

13 thoughts on “What Does a Marathi Manoos Want?

  1. @Pallavi: Yes you are right. The real problem starts when his opportunities start getting grabbed by some one else. All hell breaks loose when the person grabbing his opportunities is from a different community.

    A person doesn’t mind coexisting with some one. But he minds cutting his space to half for no reason. Then he starts hating a Bihari or a Bhaiyya.

  2. It is sad to believe, but yes. It is exactly like that. Moreover the British and Americans hate us because we dont look like them (are not fairer) and we cant speak their language the way they want us to.

  3. I believe the marathi manoos wants peace of mind. He really doesnt want to be bothered about MNS Vs ShivSena, or Biharis, or anything. They are quite lot and prefer to remain so.

  4. Thanks Mayur.

    However I disagree with you. I care who sits next to me. If my colleague is Non-Marathi, I naturally dislike him (if not hate him). This is because we are culturally different from North Indians, South Indians and Muslims.

    Chattarpati Shivaji Maharaj founded our Marathi clan in the hope of special protection & identification. Our culture, language and preferences are different from outsiders.

    These outsiders are threat to our culture & existence itself. They come to Maharashtra and indulge in Dadagiri. They need to be ruthlessly dealt with, beaten up & shown their aukaat. We cannot allow them to rule us.

    We will not let these outsiders learn Marathi, because then they will mix with us and ruin our culture.

    Raj Thakeray is right. Raj Saheb’s efforts in promotion of Marathi language needs to be lauded. Raj Saheb’s Matoshree Builders has taken a pledge to appoint only Marathi manoos for their Parel project as contract labour, and they will sell these wonderful luxury apartments only to Marathis.

    We hate Hindi & other regional language. Our demand is a separate nation for Marathis. If you can separate Pakistan from India, why not make a “MARATHISTAN”…Just think, it is possible if we all unite.

    Jai Maharashtra!

    • @Santosh: I’m not interested in a separate Marathistan. Yes I vouch for a separate Vidarbha though, because of the apathy the region has faced. If you ask me, Raj or Udhhav are not Pro-Marathi as such. They are just pro-politics and pro-Mumbai. I hope a day will come when you understand their divisive politics.

      Yes I’m proud of my clan, yes I want the culture to be nurtured, protected and nourished. But not at a cost of the national unity. If all Marathis decide to protect their culture, they can. They dont really need to shoe away the Biharis for that.

    • hi i am also a maharshtrian born & brought up in mh, I do not agree with you , shivaji never discreminated among any cast or creedt infact he & his father travelled all the way to south fighting muslims , he wanted a hindu nation with PEACEFUL exisistance of all communts.

      Hindus cannot be different from anoe another , joshi in MH speaks marathi , joshi in Gujrat speaks gujarati , in UP joshi speaks hindi , how same joshi can be differenct , he is a BRAHMIN.

      so think one again so called RAH SAHEEB will is trying to gain grounds , no politician has ever done anything for general public , hoem many jobs have been vreated by RAJ SAHEEB . FOR our marathi people hard work is the only option like any other midle calss community in india , hence keep working ant let this RAAJ saheb fight for us , that we never requested him to do on our behalf

  5. @ Santosh: That’s one hilarious comment.. “MARATHISTAN” ! jazz, can’t believe we have ppl like you living in our country..

  6. @ Santosh, it should not be Marathistan, but Ghatistan…. land of the ghatis…. fyi, I am a Gujarati living in Mumbai, born and bred here, if some Marathi were to come up to me and tell me to leave Mumbai, I would personally beat the crap out of him, yhis proves 2 things – first, the common misconception that we Gujaratis are nonviolent would be removed, that we Gujaratis would take anyones shit and still keep quiet would be proved wrong, second my family has done immense for the local Marathis by not just providinf them an honest means of livelihood, which was earlier not there, but also helped many people financially by providing soft loans and not demanding it back… whivh proves that we Gujaratis are not here just to do business, but also to give back many times more to the land and state. That said, ungrateful and spineless people like yourself will only keep talking and not put yoir money where your mouth is.Try and touch any so called “outsider” and see the consequences, you Marathis van never and will never be able to stand on yoir feet, nor ever contribute anything good to the society other than your violence, hatred, discrimination and spinelessness. I dont feel angry, I pity your kind anf your people….

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