Thanks for Being There

I remember the days we spent together, running round the bushes, chasing the goats, interrupting cricket matches on the grounds… it was fun. You were so alien to me the first time we met. I wanted a new friend and you were not in a mood. I know you had come to us leaving your home. But we shared the home didn’t we?

And do you remember the baths we took together? Oh you so much hated water. But you loved the fire crackers didn’t you? Unlike others? The best thing about you was the way you looked and walked. Whoa… that was one hand some gentleman walking around the aisle. Many of the damsels had fallen flat at you feet. I wish I could look like you. And I always said that to you when we cuddled together on the grass in the garden. Remember the high jumping contest? And the reward of cream biscuits? Hmmm… good old days is it not?

I wish I could kill the biker who knocked you off. I wish I could have been by your side when this happened. And I wish I had the courage to survive  the ordeal of that intensity. You know what? I draw my strength from you. Whenever I need inspiration, I take it from you. I wish I could make you read this. I wish I could tell you what I feel about you, now that you are no longer with us.

Thank for being there.

My dog Mickey passed away this morning………………………………………….

9 thoughts on “Thanks for Being There

  1. Oh sorry to hear this 😦 .
    When i recall Mickey, I remember his dark colored thick fur and bright eyes. Also i remember his love for vegitables ;). He had a very unusal color which is really hard to find. He was very adorable. I think i will miss him as i have seen him since he was a puppy.

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