Deutsche Bank is Mad, Without Doubt!

deutsche_bank_logoI had a silver credit card from Deutsche Bank. Early this year, I decided to cancel it. The decision had nothing to do with the Bank. Just that I didn’t need it any more. So about 6 months back, I called up the customer care and asked them to cancel my card. The exec told me that since the new billing cycle had started, I will have to clear my dues first and wait for the new bill to be generated. Once I receive it, I can immediately apply for a cancellation. I promptly made a payment, but some how the cheque did not get credited… for whatever reason. The next bill came with a late payment charge. Now I was obviously miffed. But then it was no body’s mistake and I agreed to pay. I also called the customer care to cancel my card.

Few days later I received a call for the overdue payment. I told them that I had to cancel my card and the Bank had to get back to me. They agreed to send a guy to my office and settle the due amount. The guy who came to collect the payment told me that in few days I will receive a letter stating that the card is discontinued. I got busy in my own schedule and didn’t bother to check if one such letter was delivered to my residence/office. A month later, I received a new bill stating a late payment charge. I again called the customer care and told them about it. I was expecting a cancellation letter, not another bill. The exec first told me that the late payment charge was due to non payment before the due date. But after hearing me out, she said it must be by mistake. I ignored it and I didn’t receive a bill for next two months. Last month I got an email and an sms stating my bill was 3 months overdue. What the… I hadn’t used my card and cleared my dues, then what was this late payment for? Now for last 3-4 days, their recovery team is following up with me. You wanna know the amount? Rs. 1300! I’m sure Deutsche Bank has gone mad.

Mr. Credit card Manager from Deutsche Bank, let me tell you that I have instructed your bank to stop my card long back. I cleared the dues on the purchases I had made and also settled the amount. I dont understand why you are forcing the late payment charges on me when I’m actually not supposed to make any payments. Please stop this non-sense or I will have to drag this to the public forum.

Thank You!


7 thoughts on “Deutsche Bank is Mad, Without Doubt!

  1. It is not just Deutsche Bank but most credit card companies do such things. They make people pay up for no fault of theirs. Adding late payment charges when the customer has in fact paid on time is the most common one. Credit cards supposed to be a convenience are proving to be a head-ache instead.

  2. Those who have read this, let me tell you some thing. Exactly 6 days after I wrote this, I have received an apology email from Deutsche Bank customer care. 🙂

    But sadly, they still want me to pay the backlog.

  3. What the hell? What happened next? I’d like to read something more about that.
    The credit cards are a piece of shit, I’m telling you.

  4. You need to keep a close track of all interactions, that means, everyting in writing. Only when you can proof their mistakes you will be on the stronger side. It happened with me in a telephone provider company in Germany (I’m a German national by the way). They tried to follow me up for 2 years with similar demands. This is not the Bank itself, they are the lawyers of theirs who will be benefited. Just write back in suitable words as you did and show them you do not care. Anyway, its quite entertaining. They will give up after some time…

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