In Search of the Mahatma Within

I was planning to write on it for a long time now. Later I decided to take opportunity and rant my view on 2nd October. Anyway, here it is now.

mahatma_gandhiI’m neither a strong believer in what we now a days call Gandhigiri, nor am I a die hard fan of Mahatma Gandhi. And I had all my plans set to curse the great man for being instrumental in dividing India in not two, but three parts. But I watched the movie ‘Gandhi’ this weekend. Remember Ben Kingsley playing the role of Mohandas K Gandhi? I was actually moved by the magnificence and the austerity of the guy. Yes he had these unique ways, which most people demeaned. But some where I see sense in non violence. I notably remember two of the scenes in the movie. One is where Gandhiji is leading a meeting in South Africa against the new legislation of the British government to not to allow so called coloured citizens in the same compartment of the train. Every one suggests one way or the other to combat the injustice, each of them equally violent if not less. However Gandhiji tells them not to retaliate to any of the tortures the British might impend on them. They will stand firm and take the pain. But they will not obey.

In one more such incident during the famous ‘Dandi’ march, a Police officer comes back to the General and the erstwhile viceroy. He tells them all the wrong doings Gandhiji and his followers have been doing. He tells them he beat the agitators and tried to push them back, but to no avail. The general asks, “Was their any violence from their end?” He blandly says, “I’m afraid not, Sir.” They realise who the guy they have come across. A man fighting for a cause, yet not raising even a hand against his imposters.

In his own words, it is but the best thing to embarrass the enemy by not doing what he wants and expects us to do. I observed this during my confrontation with the biker the other night. He hurled abuses at me, even banged his hand on my car. He chased me for 15kms and did every thing he could to provoke me to get into a fight. But I did not relent. At the end he gave up and an altercation was saved. I think if we learn to keep quiet at the right time and speak decent at the right time, it should save us lot of trouble. Why pump out so much hate out? What does it yield to? A blown train? A blood bath at the hotel? A countrywide hate? Riots? Or an innocent blogger to close down the comments to a post to prevent further denigration of a community?

We have been pondering over this question- “When and how will the terrorism end?” Ask this to yourself in a different way. “When will I stop hating?” Search the Mahatma within you and you might end up saving a few lives across the border.


16 thoughts on “In Search of the Mahatma Within

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  2. Why jump to the terrorists? Cant we start controlling hate inside our own mind? They hit us because they think we are a potential threat to their lives and existence. And of course, they are brainwashed. But there are the ‘good ones’ and the bad ones every where. Just that the balance has to shift to the good one.

    One day, it might work. I’m hopeful.

  3. “They hit us because they think we are a potential threat to their lives and existence.”

    What the

    Yep, of course we should start controlling hate inside our own mind. What do you suggest I should do when I get attacked by knife-holding goons?

  4. “They hit us because they think we are a potential threat to their lives and existence.” – That is true. You might want to say what the… but you cant ignore that. Without naming any one, that is what their preachers tell them. That is what Jihad is all about, if you didn’t know it already.

    By the way I dont think you can do any thing when thieves are holding you at knife edge, except if you have the courage to tackle them and teach them what they should be knowing.

    It is easy to beat or bomb a person branded as a terrorist or a miscreant. But it is very difficult not to hate a person who inflicted pain on you. If you hate him and bite back, be sure he will come back to haunt you if he too thinks the same way you do.

  5. If that biker would have broken your car window in rage, then starts the real altercation brother. It is that moment which defines and differentiates a Bhagat Singh within you from a Mahatma.

    • Couldn’t have been a better way to comment Satya. I agree. That is a defining moment. I normally dont take such nonsense. I’d have honoured his mother and sisters just the way he was honouring mine 🙂

      But some where I had to curb that violent instinct in me. And I’m happy I was able to do it.

  6. This is one of the various stories told by my Dad when I was a kid. I thought it would be relevant here.

    Once there was this cruel snake who used to bite and hiss and scare people. Once when Buddha was on his way he happened to meet this snake. He felt bad for the snake and taught him the path of ahimsa and how not to bite and spit out poison and hate. The snake agreed and started leading such a life. The following year when Buddha was passing by the same route he found the snake in a miserable condition, all wounded and kids throwing stones at it. On speaking to the snake Buddha found out that this was the result of his teachings. It was then he said to the snake ‘I asked you not to bite, and I had not asked you not to hiss’. You could always hiss and avoid this condition of yours.

    Moral of the story is(as understood by me) : Do not harm anyone but if you don’t show them you have the potential to harm them too if they overstep then be ready for the snakes later condition.

    • Thanks for the good words. 🙂
      I dont normally get too much time. But I some how manage to rant some thing or the other. Multi tasking has become the need of the age you see…

  7. mayur, dont feel bad..
    im telling frankly ang staight forward
    i donot like your blog because you have to develop it more
    anyhow i JUST LOVED this “in search of the mahatma within”

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