Not Provoked

I dont understand why people have immense interest in picking up quarrels on the road.

A strange incident happened with me yesterday while driving back home on the eastern express highway. While emerging from under the fly over, I joined the main lane on the highway normally meant for high speed cars. Ideally I should have given the indicator. But I didn’t see high speed cars coming from behind in my rear view mirror and I gradually changed the lane. A biker coming from behind didn’t really like me joining ahead of him and thus obstructing his way (who by the way should not be riding in the high speed lane). He came parallel to my car and confronted me. Now I was obviously not interested in picking up a fight. So I waved my hand suggesting that I’m sorry if I obstructed him. But he was not satisfied with that. He started hurling abuses at me. You can make a guess. I didn’t pay any heed to his tirade against my mother and sisters. I was not in a mood to fight!

All of this, which started from the Gandhi Nagar junction went on till the Mulund Check Naka, a good distance of about 15 kms. And that too at speeds in excess of 80 kmph. I never thought people could be THAT desperate to risk their lives on a speeding highway in fading light just to pick up a fight. But I was not provoked!


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