R A N D O M Part II

I was reading an article on entrepreneurship today, by yet another guy who was lucky in business. Yes, it might sound very rude, but that is my belief. You got to be lucky in business. After all isn’t successful business a function of taking a right decision at the right time? And what is the ‘right’ time and the ‘right’ decision? How do you decide? You use your instincts. Simple! The one whose instincts are correct ends up on the right side. For me a successful business is all about one man’s vision and the belief of 100 others in him and his instincts.

Am I giving gyan to you? Then please dont read further. I dont want to be counted amongst those people who believe in giving gyan on almost every second topic they know, including entrepreneurship. Whether they are successful or not is another question. These are the guys who reveal secret to success. After all have you come across a guy who has not mouthed his secret to successful business? There are many of us who do not follow ‘Practice before you preach’. They only preach.

A friend of mine had once taunted me when I told him how and where I imagine myself. He said I’ll never be successful because all I want is a tailored suit, a cabin on the top floor, a revolving chair and a beautiful secy. Yes, was right. But that is not ‘all’ I wanted. Yes I want a cabin on the 50th floor. But I also want to own the building. I want to own the future of every employee working in that building. I want to put myself on the international map. And that is only a part of my dream. Of course I need a revolving chair as well.  🙂

Dreaming is also another funny little thing. The problem with dreaming is that you tend to see where you want to go… the ultimate destination. But what about the path? Does the dream show us that? I remember a funny situation I had few years back. I was still in my engineering days and had attended a workshop in aptitude development. We had a session on goal setting. I dont remember the speaker, but he was a very aggressive man. He told us to aim high, set goals and keep dreaming about them. Every one listened patiently and by the end of the lecture, had probably set their goals already. After the session, I walked up to him and told him my dream. And I asked, “Sir an you tell me how do I visualize my path? I have set my goals but I dont know how to go about?” He was obviously baffled. He was a successful guy. He must have set goals for himself. But he hadn’t set a path for sure. He just started some where, took a path and carried on. Thank fully he chose the right one and managed to reach where he was. But he did not know how to guide people on the right path.

It again comes back to the point this all started. Believe in your instincts and choose one good thing. Then follow it. Success will be yours!

PS: I have deliberately not tagged this post.

6 thoughts on “R A N D O M Part II

  1. But this is and should be applicable for anything one wants to pursue in life right? whether it is to be an entreprenur or work as a professional.. to be successful it is a must to chalk out the target/goal clearly and then work towards achieving it

  2. “A friend of mine had once taunted me when I told him how and where I imagine myself. He said I’ll never be successful because all I want is a tailored suit, a cabin on the top floor, a revolving chair and a beautiful secy.”

    To the best of my knowledge, I was the one who said that, cut the “I’ll never be successful” part. It wasn’t a taunt, for heaven’s sake.

    Success comes in various shapes & forms. An entrepreneur with a huge business & big buildings might be a complete failure in his personal life. Success is very-very-very relative.

    If you define your success limited to “suite, cabin on top floor, revolving chair & secretary” – then that’s perfectly OK. It might be a very high aim for you. You can spend your lifetime achieving that – and some people will call you ‘successful’ , others may not. It applies to everyone – you, me & Bill Gates.

    Having read & studied so many real life entrepreneur stories, I can tell you; yes – its about being lucky. But being lucky ain’t so difficult. The harder you work the luckier you get. Often, people ignore the hard work put in my successful people to achieve the heights of success. People might say Bill Gates (he’s pretty much successful, right) got lucky by being ‘there’ when computers were mushrooming. Bill Gates was lucky – but he got lucky because he dropped out of his college, had a passion for software and had vision to setup his OS on every personal computer around the world. The point to be noted is – he just did not dream about it. He worked VERY hard and no one now knows about it. So many people want to be successful in business but aren’t willing to take the first step. If one has patience to wait until one becomes lucky; one can always end up being lucky.

    In my opinion (*gyan* take it or leave it) its not about visualizing the entire path to your aim. But rather taking up the first step and then figuring out which is the next best step which will take you closer to your aim. Then executing it and repeating it all, until the aim is reached.

    I guess its easy to get lucky.

  3. Success to me is not only relative but also subjective. I was not talking about how successful a guy is in his personal life. It makes a difference I know. But only a wordly difference.

    Suite, cabin, revolving chair… they are all parameters for one person to define his achievement. For me, my aim is a moving target. Every time I shoot, it goes higher up. People congratulated me when I bought a car and even the apartment. For them it was a big thing. Lot of people spend a life time saving for buying a house. The problem is not with their ability to buy a house. The problem is with their bench marking. Buying a house was not the aim of my life. Likewise starting a business was not my aim either.

    Coming back to hard work. I guess every one here works hard. A donkey works much harder than a Lion. But he doesn’t rule the Jungle. In fact, now a days even the Lion doesn’t rule the Jungle. Hard work doesn’t make you lucky. On the contrary, your hard work and persistence may reap results if you were lucky enough and were at the right place at the right time. Bill Gates made an intelligent guess about the future of the software industry and look at where he is now. He believed his instincts.

    I’ll still say that following your instincts to take the first step is important. You usually know the road to the top. What you dont know is the difficulties you will encounter en route. There is no harm in visualising your path. If you have not anticipated the next move, you might be lost.

    PS: you were not the only one who said that to me. In fact this reference is not made to you.

  4. I think there is no thumb rule or formula for successful business. It is rather a mix of everything right from luck, instincts, hard work, right decisions and many more parameters. To be a successful businessman you need financial backup, good team, excellent PR and most important, innovative ideas.

    A man with good vision and superb idea can be a successful businessman, provided he have the sufficient funds to run his business in crucial times. Recently i went for a seminar held for startups . Some of the successful businessmen were invited to share their stories. Many of them said they have seen failures at the beginning, but they never gave up. That is where they stands out.

    How many people know QuickHeal anti-virus is an Indian company, which have 90% of earnings from Indian market where maximum people are interested in using pirated or free software? The owner and founder of this company is Kailash Katkar from Pune. This guy was having a small time business of hardware maintenance. While doing this business, he came to know about computer viruses and with the help of his brother he developed crude version of quick heal. This crude version of quick heal was available for free to his hardware customers (what we call it as customer delight). After some period, this guy decided to develop it as a commercial product. Now they have million dollar turnover and 350+ employees. 8 years back, they had three people working in a small room.

    I never knew QuickHeal is an Indian company. I asked this same to many of my friends who are IT professionals and everybody thought its a foreign company. For me, this is the real success.

    So morale of the story is…..definition of success differs from person to person. The best idea is to ask yourself whether you think you are successful or not. If the ans is NO, then analyze where you lacking behind. If the ans is yes…..you already a successful man no matter what others think of you.

  5. I think its hard-work and planning which helps anyone. People don’t become lucky just like that. Thats what i learnt in 25 years. The more hard-work and planning you put in, you can call this combo as smart work , the more you reap. I remember this quote “I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it” 🙂

  6. Well Said Ajay! I was aware of the quick Heal story, thanks to Kaustubh.

    @Durga: I despise the fact that hard work alone is a driver to success. I think the guy needs to rephrase his quote. You work for Satyam, dont you work hard? Does an entrepreneur work harder than you? What if one day you come up with a kick ass idea and divert all your hard work and attention to fulfilling it? If the idea clicks and your hard work is properly channelised, you will be a successful entrepreneur. If the idea doesn’t click, you will rue your missed chances and luck. This is what I’m trying to say. Put your hard work in the right direction and pray your luck favours you.

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