Tuesday Blues

I worked only for 3 days last week. Two days was the official weekend and then I took two days off because of ill health. Three days in the office were followed by another long weekend… All resulting in a Tuesday Blues!

It is already 4 and I’m desperately waiting for the watch to show 6 so that I can dash off. This is so boring.

I feel like going on a looooooooooooooooooong drive on my old bike (KB 125). Drive it on a lonely beach, then take a long stroll along the waves. Go on an exploration mission in the mountains. Just land myself into a distant unknown village. Go on a wild tiger trail……

Sigh! Tuesday Blues are bad.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Blues

  1. I USED to feel exactly the same way. Waking up on mondays was a real pain… that was until I got two weeks holidays for college strike and now again 10 days holidays for dusherra.. Now I just feel jeez can the holidays please get over.. I mean HOW MUCH can a person sleep? 😀

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