10 on TEN

Writing was never new to me. I have been ranting since I was 15. But I started blogging and putting my thoughts online only about 2 years ago. So when the ‘maxmayur’ blog came into existence in last May (inspired from the one and only Big K), I had silently wowed to inspire, provoke, coerce at least 10 of my readers or friends to express their views through blogs.

Today, that dream came true. I found my 10th reader who has started writing a blog and thanked me for inspiring him. I was actually over whelmed and flattered.

I know there are at least 100 others who I know can write. At least 10 others who are exceptional thinkers and good orators. Never the less, 10 is good and I’m looking forward to the next batch of 10.

Thank you guys!

9 thoughts on “10 on TEN

  1. I never thought of writing for sure. I know I am not at all good in any language (You might have remembered by 10th grade English status πŸ˜‰ ). I must say, you surely did inspired me. Not only i am impressed by your writing style, but also the way you observe things around. I think classic is the best word to describe your write ups.

  2. Actually I share this blog with my would be fiance, Sushmita. She is a content team manager and we work in the same office. That is why the name, sushthoughts.

  3. You can count me for your next batch of 10.

    I got inspiration to write blog from you and biggie.

    You are awesome in writing need tips to improve my writing skill. πŸ˜‰

    keep it up buddy

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