Way to go Fisi

Giancarlo_FisichelaGiancarlo Fisichela, driving a Force India car, made lot of Indians and Italians proud yesterday by first capturing the pole position of the Belgium grand prix and then finishing a commendable 2nd less than a second behind Kimi Raikonnen.

I had missed the qualifying session as I was travelling. But I was amazed when I read the sunday’s news paper that shouted Giancarlo’s name at the pole position. Then how could I miss the race? Giancarlo drove amazingly in the entire race. Unfortunately he was done in by the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery system) in the Ferrari, which gave a distinct advantage to Raikonnen. Incidently, Kimi has spoilt Force India’s party on more than one occasions. Two seasons ago, he bumped into Adrian Sutil when the later was almost certain to finish 4th at Monaco grand prix. Even last year he had bumped Sutil out (I dont remember the location) when in a points winning position.

The raced was marred by a big crash at the start when 4 cars, including that of defending champion Lewis Hamilton and current championship contender Jenson Button were forced to retire. This helped reduce the competition in some way. But all said and done, Fisi drove a wonderful race, and most importtantly, has put Force India amongst points. This means now Vijay Mallya has more money to spend and take the team upwards.

Way to go Fisi! Way to go Force India!

3 thoughts on “Way to go Fisi

  1. nah! I don’t accept that. He is not dong it out of compassion he is paid for doing it, so be it him or be it some one ese with winning spirit can do it. We don’t want others to represent us. Are we in so lack of people with nice skill sets that we are hiring others? Why don’t we come up with nice training tracks and encourage people and have more Karthiks, rather than feeling proud of an outsider representing our country. Its Vijay Maalya who is benefiting and nothing to do with INDIA as a nation.

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