My Dil goes…

What makes me happy? Rather thrilled?

… a strong coffee or a very well made tea

… sitting in the window with Rats, chatting about future and watching it rain

… a good game of football to watch- Chelsea or Liverpool against Man U- a defense splitting pass from Xabi Alonso, a pile driver from Gerrard or a header from Drogba

… Yuvraaj in flowing form

… excellent rally in badminton or TT

… a drive on the highway with soft music and flooding memories

… long, late night chat with an old buddy

… me, my Canon IXUS and nature

… racing with a stranger on busy streets

… really chat pati pani poori

… me, my dog and an unmowed lawn

… a beautiful inspiring story

… excellent business idea

So what makes you happy?

4 thoughts on “My Dil goes…

  1. 1.Planing and going for breakfast dates with Dr. D
    2.late night chats with the special few
    3.Holiday in the hills & walk in the forest
    4.River rafting in the Ganges
    5.A new project and conceptualising ideas for the ongoing ones

  2. …. To comment on Mayur’s blog.
    …. Group meeting with my old pals.
    …. Playing gully cricket.
    …. Listening Neeraj shridhar song and watching movie of Amrita rao.

    Nice post brother i’ll post same on my blog also.

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