Bon Appetit

paneer-chilliI’m just back from lunch. I had gone out to a nearby restaurant. Since this is a busy area and there is a dearth of good restaurants  around, naturally the ones here are in demand irrespective of the taste. So I had to share a table with another guy. I found he had an extraordinary appetite!

When I joined him on the table, he was feasting on a fried masala papad. From the look of the plate I guessed it that it was probably papad numnber 2. While I placed my order for a Pav Bhaji, the waiter served him a bowl  of some chinese soup along with half a bowl of fried noodles. That followed with a Paneer Chilli and two (yes two) butter naans. Even before he could finish all that (and I could gasp through the Pav Bhaji and the only extra pav I ordered) the waiter served him some thick shake. And I had no two guesses if he hadn’t ordered rice as well.

I some how pushed the additional pav and left the restaurant. I wish I could have that sort of an appetite. 🙂


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