Surviving Truth

“Sach ye hai bekaar humein gham hota hai… Jo chaha tha, duniya mein kam hota hai.” are the words of a popular Ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh.

That probably echoes the reality today. What we think, it hardly happens. It is not that the truth exists or that the truth is troublesome… it is our inability to take it in ‘as is’ form and live with it. After all, truth is not so good every time. How many of you can actually digest the fact that the person you loved unfortunately got married to some one else and is getting laid every night by a person you would love to hate till eternity? Do you actually say ‘how nice’ where (s)he says his/her spouse is very romantic? No! You just smile and say WTF to yourself. You wish you had better luck. But you didn’t and thats the god damn truth. What you do is probably just move on.

Its not just about this example (I probably quoted the one that will hit one of the the hardest). Truth is always difficult to accept and then to survive after you have accepted. A lie, for that matter, is very easily digested. Ask yourself how many times you have spoken the truth when you could have lied and easily got away. Most of you might answer audaciously say you spoke truth every or rather most of the times. I’d say this is one of the times when you didn’t. Fooling one self, in my opinion, is very easy. In the entire life we keep walking on the brink of the thin line between the true world and the false world. And it is very difficult to tell when we have crossed the line. Take for an example, we dont know what we are. Meaning, we are not aware of our own true potential. So we might be under confident and think we are no good. Or we might think the opposite. So most of the times we are portraying a false image of ourselves in front of the world. Afterall haven’t you seen a shabbily dressed voluptuous woman thinking she is one great xxx bomb around? The problem lies within us. We are oblivious to what we are and what the world around us is. Being a normal human being, we are bound to do it. But what if we all start accepting the truth as is? Will we lead a good life?

I’m happy with my life and that is indeed a truth. But if you ask me, my truth is a life I wanted to live on my own terms. So that I never have to speak a lie or accept a lie. But I know it is a, well… may be another truth. Can life give me one day to chug all my bound and live like a free bird? just one day!


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