Rakhi ka Swayamvar Part II

Rakhi-ka-SwayamvarOh yes that babe is going to have a part two of her Swayamvar! Didn’t you guys hear that? This is only her engagement to the rich guy from Toronto, Elesh Parujanwala. She needs more time to ‘think‘ before she gets married. Give the new couple some time guys. Haven’t you heard of courtship?  :mrgreen:

There is no limit to how fake can one be. And Rakhi keeps bettering her standards time and again. One, the telecast was not live. Two, it didn’t look like Rakhi was wearing a jewelery worth 50 lakhs! It didn’t look like diamonds. Three, I guess the two ‘losers’ actually behaved like winners. They were smiling more than Elesh, the winner. The moment Rakhi was trying to build the fake suspense, I guess the families were praying for their son to be spared.

Anyway, it is all done now. I will surely miss the show. NDTV has sure raked in the moolah and I’m sure they will want one more swayamvar to be aired. I’m sorry Pranoy, I cursed you earlier in my last post on this. But in fact I’m now waiting for the next circus.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Rakhi ka Swayamvar Part II

  1. Ya right. I am sure lots of people are waiting for that. Sometimes you know that the it is going to be crap. You just like to see how much more crappier it can get…

  2. Inside News- I have heard that now they are indeed going to run a second episode of swayamvar. Any guesses who is going to be the bride (groom) this time?

    R A H U L M A H A J A N ! ! !

    Shucks! What the ****s!

  3. LOL.. he’ll go any lengths to come to the public eye.. how many reality shows has he been a part of already? three? four? Geez I lost count 😦

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