Sach ka Saamna

A new television show has come up on Star Plus recently, yet another copied platform from another American idea, the moment of truth. I think Star TV has a copy right… of copying television serials. 🙂

Anyway, its not about why star has copied the serial. This post is about how on earth can some one think of starting such a serial in first place? I dont understand what the makers of the serial thinking when they came up with this idea. If you haven’t watched couple of its episodes or haven’t read about it some where, let me tell you what it is all about. We have our host Rajeev Khandelwal who invites contestants to come up and take the challenge to face the truth about themselves. Prior to the show, they are asked scores of questions under the influence of a polygraph (a device that can catch you if you are lying. My suggestion: Install one in the Parliament :mrgreen:  ). 21 out of those questions are then asked to you (the contestant) in front of the show audience, some of your invited relatives and the television audience. Your answers are normally Boolean, yes or no. If you speak truth, you go up the level and earn money (starting from 100,000 for the first level). If you give an answer which does not match with your polygraph, you are out.

Looks simple? If you watch it you will say looks weird. For example a guy who is also a popular actor, was asked if he has a foster child, and then if he ever had sex with any of his relative… I mean what the hell you have got to do with it? The kind of answers he gave makes you feel he was such an a**h*** of a guy! He takes a beating from his relatives, friends, his fans and almost every one he knows. A moment of truth ruins the rest of his life.

In my opinion, little bit of lying around is good for a peaceful neighborhood. 🙂    What say?


11 thoughts on “Sach ka Saamna

  1. I truly agree to you. Live and let live, why you have to bump into someone’s life to know what he did?? This serial really makes no sense.

  2. Yeah and the bitter truth is he doesn’t even get the bucks for which he faced and admitted to the truth- washing dirty linen in public.. crappy concept

  3. The appeal of this show lies in the curious voyeuristic and sadistic tendencies junta have. They want to see other people miserable, they want to know other people’s dirty secrets. Why else would yellow journalism thrive?

    Only this time, it’s not about celebrities in general, this time it is about one particular contestant at a time.

    • That is like sitting with the Chitragupt with people from all three worlds watching you. Surrender and you go back to earth. Blink and you go to Hell… survival is not an option.

  4. On the top of that, Rajiv Khandelwal admires the ‘courage’ shown by the participants. I saw him defending the show and saying he’s got deep respect for all the participants who actually choose to ‘live with courage & truth’ than rest of us who spend life with a lie.

    I’m thinking what lies I have which I’d be ashamed to admit in front of 1,00,00,000 idiots who watch this show. Hmm. Nothing strikes my mind. I guess I won’t even qualify to participate in the show 😀

  5. I fail to understand this…..if you don’t like it why watch it. The only channels worth watching on T.V. are The National Geographic, Animal Planet, The History Channel, Discovery and a few cartoon channels, though some of the new cartoons are quite pathetic.
    The rest is all crap and is the reason why television is also called the Idiot Box.

  6. And that is what the makers of such shows want. You may give all the excuses in the world but the truth is that you are helping the makers by watching the show.

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  8. I saw just one episode of this show and it was enough to put me off. This is a very lame new genre of “shock tv”. And equally shocking is that in order to earn a few quick bucks people are so ready to fracture their relationships with their best friends, family members and even spouses. IMHO, this is a very distasteful endeavor and will continue finding its way into scandals and controversies.

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