Rakhi ka Swayamvar

rakhi_ka_swayamvar… or should I say Rakhi ka naya natak? What the…

Even if you shy away from the television, I’m sure you already know about this new show on NDTV imagine. First and foremost thing, we all know how publicity hungry this belle is. Time and again she has shown us to what levels she can go to be on the screen. And now when the tried and tested formulas flopped, she came up with yet another mind blowing (literally) idea to be in limelight.

They started with (my guess is) 13 contestants who are trying to win, oops sorry, woo Rakhi so that she marries them. The entire Fatehgarh palace in Udaypur has been hired. Then you have a Ram Kapoor and Ravi Kishan who are Rakhi’s friends and coordinating the entire farcical drama. If that was not sufficient, you also had people like Marc Robinson, Neeta Lulla and Saroj Khan on the show till date. I dont understand this. I mean, what on earth is Marc doing there? Teaching the ramp walk to the hopeful grooms? And Saroj Khan teaching dance steps? Are they finding a groom or a hero for next David Dhawan movie? Give me a break…

I’m sure Pranoy Roy must have been black mailed by some goon to first conceive and then air such a show. God bless… !!!!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Rakhi ka Swayamvar

  1. Oh! I was going to write an addendum saying I watched this show once or twice because of my wife. And here I get a comment from ‘The Big K’ saying he likes it? Dude!

    Are you trying to learn some thing? 😛

  2. Okay react to these statements:

    Some of the guys on the show have been paid to participate (according to a story in HT City yesterday)

    Gradually every contestant has some controversy related to them which breaks Rakhi’s trust and she rejects that groom

    In the end, she will shed a few tears and say.. merey jeevan mein kaab who sacha sathi ayega.. Ap sab ney dekha na meiney kitni koshi kari. NDTV Imagine key baad baki saab channels ki baari hai, dekhtey hein who can offers me more money for ‘Rakhi ka Sayamvar’ part-2

    Crap- this is what has Indian Television has evolved to. Jai Ho!

    Ps: The Big K is taking inspiration from all possible sources on ‘how to woo the bride’ and what better than this show… 🙂

  3. You compare yourself with those jokers on the show (on what all they do and even you can) – Please K give me a break! and even if you can do all that, don’t do it… heights of stupidty

  4. hmmmmm…..but since when did we (read as indian tv audience) start demanding sensibility and not entertainment ? its apt for a “love it or hate it….but it works” kinda thing…shall write a follow up post on this topic !

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  6. Another example of how lame television series are becoming these days. There is no social messages and definitely no sense in most of serials going on prime time television.

    and as far rakhi goes (no offense biggie), she should be sent on the next apollo mission and left in the space. Good riddance of bad rubbish!

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