Sea Linked

Like so many other enthusiastic Mumbaikars, we too plied on the Bandra Worli Sealink on the very day it opened to Public. The experience was good, but I couldn’t convince myself (and later my wife) as to why it was necessary to go on the first day itself. Anyway, I’m not going to write a big flowery post on it. Here are my bullet observations.

  • Its just like any other large bridges, except for the fact that we dont have many such constructions in India yet. But without doubt it is amazingly constructed. It feels great especially when you stand right in the middle of the bridge and the middle of the road. (Yes we managed to do it despite the cops 🙂 )
  • Only 4 of the proposed 8 lanes are working. So I’m not sure how is it helpful to de-congest the traffic on the Mahim Causeway. Even if it does for some reason, the congestion is going to be there on the sea link itself.
  • They are claiming to reduce the journey from 1 hour to 7 minutes. It is shortened for sure, but 7 minutes looks a bit unrealistic. May be it is half of what it was earlier.
  • I have never seen people (including yours truly) to be so excited to drive on a newly constructed bridge. I saw people stuffing their entire families in the small cars and coming just to see how it feels to be on the bridge. In fact, some of them who didn’t have a car were asking for lesser occupied cars to offer them a ride (I was approached by 2). There were people, including a friend of mine, who hired cabs just to get a close glimpse of the mammoth structure. Well…
  • … and I spent 5 hours in traffic (to and fro) for that 20 minute drive myself.

But then finally after long hiatus and hindrances, the sea link is now operational. I hope we get many such important and essential constructions in the decade to come.


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