New Begining… New Learning

I have recently joined Netmagic Solutions, one of the largest data centers in India. I know lot you might ask me, what about the venture I started then? It is still there and very much in the focus. However few months into it and I realised two important things. One, I have a dream of setting a virtual office and I have absolutely no knowledge of how cloud computing works. And two, I thought I selected wrong partners to go ahead with the venture.

Anyway, That is the thing of the past now. Today is a new begining and a new learning experience… and I’m looking forward to it. And I’m writing this post from an absolutely brilliant ultra portable Compaq Presario my company just gave me.


6 thoughts on “New Begining… New Learning

    • I couldn’t agree any less. But right now I have no choice but to take all those comments. Your courage and taking abilities significantly reduce after marriage… you will understand it now. 🙂

      The ‘One fine day’ might come late in my life… but come it will sure

  1. Yes, it will. I know. But you should think about it and keep the fire alive. 🙂 . All the best.

    PS: Don’t delay it. I guess 3 months is enough time to learn the stuff you’re trying to learn.

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