Mi (ani) Marathi

mi_marathiOn my last day at Hurix, some people had a startling revelation that I’m a Marathi. In fact I was surprised to know that many people thought I was a Gujrathi. One of them was quick to point out that none of my habits (including speech and command over Hindi) resembled a Mumbaikar Marathi. Well, I dug deep into it and here is how it was concluded.

Lot of Marathi Mumbaikars are absolutely loyal to the Thackeray family (may it be Balasaheb-Uddhav or Raj). However despite being a staunch supporter of BJP, I have always opposed their ideologies. So they immediately thought I was not from Maharashtra.

Being a Thackeray loyalist, a Mumbaikar has to compulsorily call every North Indian as ‘Bhaiyya’. I refused to do so, and when I did… it was out of brotherliness. So people thought even I was a North Indian Brahmin.

My Hindi is better than many of my North Indian friends, another reason for them to think I was one of them.

All my Marathi friends talked about salary hike, bonus, LTA claims and cursed the Marwaris and Gujjus for capturing the business circle whereas I always spoke about new business, the up and down going stocks, entrepreneurship. So they thought I was not one of them.

Duh! What the …  ! Mi Marathi ahe. Mala Marathi honyacha abhimaan ahe. Mazi bhasha, mag ti Marathi aso, Hindi aso ka English aso… ti uttam prakare durusta ahe. Prashna ha ahe ki samanya Marathi mansala kasa durusta karta yeil.

10 thoughts on “Mi (ani) Marathi

  1. @Patty: It means- “I’m a Marathi. I’m proud to be a Marathi. My knowledge about languages, whether it is Marathi, Hindi or English, is all faultless. But the question is, how can I improve a normal Marathi Man?

  2. I know only “ikade Thambha” in Marathi.

    there is one Funny Story on that “Ikade Thambha” i will post it. that was my first tour to Maharashtra for my BE admission. 😉

  3. tu marathi mansala durusta nako karus aadhi swatacha ‘holier than thou’ avtar band kar. what an idiotic post, once again. What do u think of urself? Dont make an ass of urself by such uncool posts. ur seriously an liability on Marathis. I mean look at ur attitude…who the hell are u!!give us a break.

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  5. I am a new reader of this blog and hence the late reaction.

    I feel Mayur’s post was an attempt at dark humour ( though a failed one ). If it was not supposed to be one then I have a humble suggestion for my friend Mayur – Please stop making generalized statements such as “Lot of Marathi Mumbaikars are absolutely loyal to the Thackeray family ….. ” Had that been the case, we would have seen different results in the latest polls.

    No wise man would ever support MNS for their ruckus against North Indians, irrespective of their place of origin. Yet that does not call making a categorical remark “All my Marathi friends talked about salary hike, bonus, LTA claims and cursed the Marwaris and Gujjus for capturing the business circle ….. ”

    If you are a self-proclaimed cleaner of Samanya Marathi minds, ask yourself a simple question – what does the Samanya Manus generally worry about?
    Is it his self-esteem, pride in his motherland and language or it is his monthly bills? Marathi Manus is no different than anyone, be it a Marwari, North Indian or even American for that matter.

    If this was an attempt of dark humour then I must say – you have a nice sense of humour and narration style. I am sure you would do well in writing fiction.

    No offenses meant here 🙂

  6. Who r u? Why you are change the marathi people? Ami jase ahot tase changle ahot. I am NRI. I see the reality. Bhaya fakt mumbaitach kachara nahi karat averywher bhayyas identifacation of attitude. I am going for three to four country. The local peoples of this country very respect for mumbai people.

    You know in air port one person say where u from. I say i am indian. Again he question in india wher? I am from mumbai. With in one second he shake hands & told I Like mumbai & mumbai peoples. He is very successful, Brave, Ambisious & More passions.But same time he saying i dont like Hindi people.
    So pls give me answer need the changing for marathi pepople or other. First you change, change your attitude.
    Pls take positive. & change. Otherwise you are very unsuceesful man of the world.

    • Hi Shrikant,

      Thanks for your comment. But I’m sick and tired of explaining that I’m not against a community or particular people. The attitude to classify and then denigrate people on the basis or their region or religion is callous. I’m proud of my Marathi roots. But I dont want to be branded as one of the fool hardy folks who create divide on the basis of castes. No doubt there is a lot of discomfort caused by a group of people from a particular community. But branding entire community because of a handful is not good.

      I want every one here in India to change their attitude towards each other and be more open, considerate. If we have to blame some one, let us blame the people who do it rather than their religion. I can only ask my brothers and sisters to change first, hoping every one will follow.

      Please dont misunderstand me.

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