Please use Footpath

Mumbai_footpathGuys… if you are the guys and girls and ladies & gentlemen who do not use the  footpath, please start doing so for the traffic’s sake.

I stay on the central line of Mumbai, meaning I use the LBS Marg daily to commute home. I find it absolutely irritating most of the times to drive my vehicle using only half of the possible width of the road suitable for driving.
You know why? because the pedestrians choose to walk on the road instead of the footpaths.

I know its not your fault after all. The footpaths are already occupied by the street shops, beggars, the site offices of the construction workers, road side tea stalls and some times full fledged restaurants. Then where will you guys walk on? Middle of the road of course. And then where will we guys drive? in the air?

Is the Municipal corporations of India listening? please for god’s sake, do some thing about the footpaths!

One thought on “Please use Footpath

  1. I am sure even the pedestrians would love to walk on the footpath provided there is enough space to walk. That would also reduce the number of accidents on the road.

    But sadly the anti-encroachment drives don’t gather momentum because of the tremendous political pressure. And this happens to be the problem with not just Mumbai but all major cities of our country.

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