If you have noticed some thing about the last post R A N D O M, you will know the new thing coming up. Apart from the post being weird, it was posted under a new category, labeled ‘Humour’. *Please laugh*

I know I’m no stand up comedian. So what? Most men aren’t. But the good fact is, most stand up comedians are men. So thats some thing to cheer about. *Please laugh*  People say the life of a comic piece is its material. Hmmm, now I know why most women fail to tickle the funny bone. Because the ‘material’ they have is not so suitable for comedy *Please dont laugh*

I hope I can bring a smile to some faces. So enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Humour

  1. Hint 1: Try writing your next post while standing.
    Hint 2: Why a new category? Just rename the love stories… *hides*.
    Hint 3: Are we supposed to come up with comedy (aka humorous) comments to funny posts that you’ll write?

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