Guest Post: Samaira part II

Please read the part one  here Samaira’s tryst with superstition

21st century is the age of technology and everyday brings a new technological surprise as we advance with jet speed towards new discoveries. We may have landed on the moon but still worship it and for some of us, the image of the old woman sitting and spinning on the moon is almost real. Like the mythological stories we are fed on when we are growing up,  superstitions too become part of us. Of  late, my life too has been surrounded by rituals and superstitions. I wonder if that is the fate of every young woman of marriageable age!
Mother is hell bent that I should try every trick in the book; anything it takes that would help me ‘catch a good match’. Every day try to please some God,  you never know who might just answer Ma’s prayer. These days every blessing I get from her is ‘God help her find a good son-in-law for me’ but ‘Ma’,  I try to reason out and a series of lecture follow, ‘you don’t know what it takes to find a good boy’ and in my heart I say, ‘tell me about it’!

Here I thought I have been brought up in a secular family which is not influenced by rituals.  Being a Hindu Sikh, I was never told to visit any shrine, I was free to follow and observe what I wanted, no questions asked… But now it is a different story. It seems Ma has receded to the dark ages.  I don’t know whether it is a cause to rejoice or be sad that now she has even reconciled to the idea of  I  finding myself a match till the time he is ‘a good boy from a good family’! Too late in the day, I say to myself. Back to superstitions – I have done everything from offering flowers, pulses, different days, different gods (even gods have preferences, I never knew that till this started).

Of course I do all this religiously! Anything to see a smile on Ma’s face. But beat this one; some pandit suggested I donate a piece of blue cloth to someone who needs it. My sister came out with a brilliant idea, “buy me a pair of blue jeans, I desperately need one!”  “Don’t make fun of traditions”, is what I was told. But I say, there is a thin line between traditions and superstitions and we are blindfolded.

I have a wish list for Santa Claus that includes all that I want in the person I eventually wish to marry. Should I believe that Santa will present my prince charming to me this Christmas?  Or is that being superstitious, blind in faith or just religious?

Chances of my finding someone are as dull or bright as they were yesterday!!!

So this Sam’s story…Help her figure this out, someone!


7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Samaira part II

  1. I must confess I was looking forward to this second post. It is an amazing post. After reading it I don’t know what to write in the comments section. I am just thinking about the theme and the way people are so superstitious. I am sorry, right now I am out of words.

  2. Hey Pallavi. Probably your mom wants to leave no stone unturned to see that you get a good match 🙂

    Now don’t say “You would know if you had to go through the same”. My mom too at times makes such requests. I don’t believe in such things either but nevertheless do it. Is there anything better than seeing a smile on your mom’s face?

  3. Hey Sapna, good to hear from you! Exactly my point, babes, everyone is doing to make their respective mother’s happy.

    But the point is this is not making Sam happy. And please we all know none of it is going to help in finding anyone.

    Just an update: finally, Sam has told her mom, ‘you do what you want you to do and keep me away and out of it’. So far, the trick is working, just fine for her! 🙂

  4. “But the point is this is not making Sam happy. And please we all know none of it is going to help in finding anyone.”

    Frankly speaking I don’t know what is going to help. Do let me know if you(or Sam) knows 😉

  5. Like I tell Sam also ‘Ki farak penda hai’ that means how does it matter! enjoy your single status.. trust me you are an envy of many who yearn to have it but can’t for obvious reasons! 🙂

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