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Continuing the guest article series, here is a new one from Prasad Ajinkya aka Kidakaka. CE forum has been a great source of intellectual companions for me. I know Prasad for more than a year now. A fellow of IIM Indore, former technology head of eYantra and now at the helm of technology again for an interesting startup Illumine, Prasad is a true blue engineer at heart. No wonder he’s got the fetish for to the point statistical analysis. Here’s his take on the much acclaimed Zoo Zoo. Enjoy!

Zoo-ZooBuzz behind Zoozoos – Everyone is talking about Zoozoo these days. Even me for that matter!! And you know what this is creating my friends? Its creating a buzz … a buzz unlike any other in the market these days. People love it, people hate it … but people definitely talk about it. Vodafone has a winner here – or so one might think.

Industry situation – With mobile penetration in India going to touch around 90% by 2014 (thats 1 billion mobile phones!!!), the revenues from simply voice based services are going to trickle down. What were considered to be luxury services on mobiles (missed call alerts, caller ring back tunes, et al) are now considered necessary services. Living in a country which has multiple mobile service provider also means that all these service providers have to invest for customer acquisition. Which means even lesser charges from voice based services.

Jumping the gun – The only way voice based revenues could be increased is to increase the Value Added Services (VAS) part. Before we go any further, What do you mean by VAS?? Don’t worry, even I did’nt know about them a few months back, I worked in an IT firm making solutions for Telecom Operators and I had no clue what they meant by VAS!! Thanks to those beautiful ads, now I do!! But why will people buy these services, how can they buy them if they do not even know what they means?!? Hence the need for awareness for these VAS was recognized by Harit Nagpal (Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone India). Ogilvy was given the charge of creating the buzz for Vodafone.

The Buzz Explained – A good buzz can be dissected to have these elements

  • Clarity of message – Each ad ends with the particular VAS feature. The message is clear.
  • Simplicity – Ogilvy’s Rajiv Rao, in charge of this promotion knew that the entire idea had to be simple and yet stupefying to cut across all ages and convey the idea. All the ads depict this minimalistic approach.
  • Stand out – The egg shaped head; it stands out. The cute shape of those zoozoos; it stands out.
  • Variety – A single idea can also cause a buzz, but over a period of time it dies down, simply because people cannot keep on talking about the same thing again and again. e.g – pink chaddi campaign. You need fodder for people to talk during train journeys!!
  • Right time, Right medium – IPL for TV, Youtube for online.  Zoozoo is everywhere. An nice article by Sushrut Bidwai can be found here.

It’s a great campaign, and I would not be surprised if this turns out to be a case study in a few years. As I finish this post, a question still remains in my head – what will happen if the Zoozoo’s buzz transcends Vodafone VAS and moves on to something totally different (e.g I saw a political ad with the zoozoo theme)?


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Buzz Zoo Zoo

  1. Interesting… piece on the much talked about Zoo Zoo they even have fan clubs now on social networking sites like facebook ( yea, I am a fan too).

    Vodafone definitely created a winner- they stay with you; while you wait for the new one to come up!

    According to me if others try to adopt ZooZoos for their campaigns it will only mean free Publicity for Vodafone because people will always associate it with their brand.

    Must Add- The add does create an impression (good one about Vodafone) but will it influence me to change my mobile service provider? I don’t think so. But I am sure it will definitely get them few lakh new connections…

  2. Wow Kida,
    That is quite an in depth analysis of the Zoozoo’s. Yes, they catch your attention, are funny and the message is clear. But as Pallavi said “Will they influence me to change my mobile service provider?”. Well, they have not influenced me and I am still using Airtel as I have since the last 6 years.
    Don’t you think in the end the quality of the product plays a more vital role instead of the number of advertisements.

    P.S. I am not into marketing and this is the view of a layman. Nothing against your post.

  3. That was a real interesting post :). Vodafone has created a buzz with the ZooZoos and definitely worth a case study.

    They may not influence anybody to change their service provider but it will influence the existing users to buy the services by creating awareness about the different Value-added-services. This is important considering the fact that these days mobile service providers earn more revenue by VAS as compared to simply voice based services.

  4. Prateek and Pallavi – Rightly said so!! Till the point Mobile Number Portability does not become a reality in India, customers will not switch to other services. TRAI had made a mandate that MNP be implemented by all mobile service providers by 2010. Although I dont see that happening, but once this happens, then its the extra value that TSPs can provide that can make the difference between churn rates.

    @Sapna – Precisely!!

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