The Club Mahindra Farce

We all know that Club Mahindra sells holidays. Rather, they sell the ‘stay’ part of the holidays. In case if you did not know, now I have told you that. While they might have the best of resorts (as they claim) in India and abroad (through tie ups), I some how can not buy their business model. So when I got a call from their tele-calling executive regarding a supposedly free holiday voucher as a part of the scheme, I decided to finally meet them. I regretted that decision later after having to spend 2 useless hours listening to the feel-good attempt by their managers. Here is what happened-

Me and my wife were met by a lady at their kiosk who made us fill out a form. She made us wait for some time, after which we were attended by an ugly looking fat guy. He some how couldn’t stop smirking, which put me off immediately. We informed him that we were in a hurry and that he should wrap it up quickly. But instead of honoring us, he decided to throw stupid questions at us. I will give you some examples and my answers later. Basically he was trying to break the ice and make things a bit comfortable, which wasn’t needed. We knew the whole idea behind it. Pay an amount now and enjoy stay at the choicest resorts 7 days a year for 25yrs. There were some discounts on offer as well as some free bees to be given out, including some meal vouchers, some free stay, some international memberships  et all. The package cost was about 254 thousand Indian rupees. The positives were, we could beat the inflation and enjoy our stays at a discounted rates for 25 yrs. Negative point was, they were with limited capacity as of now. Moreover we could be tied up with Club Mahindra and their destinations for life.

Simple to understand? What is so damn difficult in explaining this? “But Sir please try to understand the concept behind this” The fatso kept telling. What the ‘F’ concept? I’d have yelled jibes at him, had I not kept cool. Still, I gave him enough. Here- read this conversation.

So how many times do you go for a holiday in a year Sir. Or do you at all go? He expected me to say ‘hardly’ My answer was, at least 4-5 times.
Next, When did you enjoy a candle lit dinner? Yesterday, I said.
He attempted one or two more, which I curtly replied. Finally he backed. The point I was trying to make was, if he was a salesman, he should have behaved like one. He was trying to be a psychiatrist. So I made sure he met his worst patient/customer of the day. He quickly sensed the danger and also involved his manager in the conversation. Over to this, they wanted to me to make the commitment of 2 and half lac rupees on the fly. It was suicidal 🙂

Demolishing idiots is fine. But demolishing idiot salesmen is such a mouth watering treat. I’m myself a sales consultant. I felt like writing an email to the top guys telling them to conclude this farce. Let us face it. They are selling holidays. And that is what they do. The facilities and the experience they give is neither new nor exclusive only to Club Mahindra. Trying to create a ‘feel goo’ aura behind the deal will not work. They need a better method to convince the customers, one of them being offering them a no obligations trial holiday.

Club Mahindra, are you listening? Sorry for being so livid. But ask your people to talk less. They irritate so much!

Will Nano replace the Auto Rikshaws?

Ratan Tata has done a great job by inventing (or conceiving and funding the invention) of the appropriately name car ‘Nano’. While he has fulfilled his dream of building world’s cheapest car, his other dream of making available the luxury of owning a car to the ‘Aam Aadmi’ is going to create problems.

With all due respect to Mr. Tata, I would like to suggest that Nano should be used as a replacement for the Auto Rikshaws and the aging taxis. It can seat 4 and moreover it is more safer and luxurious. This will also help in realising the ‘Tata’ dream of making a car available for every one in India. But if every one start buying it, god bless all of us.

Mr. Tata, are you listening?

Blog anniversary day preperation

Maxmayur blog completes 1 year on the 28th of this May. This is hardly an achievement for some one else, but for me it is. Because I never thought I’d complete this stint, given the way I started.

So to make it a special day, I’d like to invite the readers and fellow bloggers to pen down some thoughts for my blog. Any article or a scrap in general will do. So if you are interested, please comment here with your blog url and email so that I can add you as an author temporarily. I will post a collection of all the good articles from the week of 25th May.


Crazy Engineers on UTVi

Our website was profiled on UTVi. Here’s the video for you to look at 🙂

Modi for Prime Minister

narendra-modiWith all due respect to Lal Krishna Advaniji, I would like to vote for Narendra Modi as India’s next prime ministerial candidate. If there is a man who can propel India in a position of strong hold, both economical and strength, it is him. Make him the PM and dare any one attack on us of even infiltrate our borders.

Here is a link giving you a sneak preview of the man of the future.

Join me in promoting the best man to lead India. “Modi for Prime Minister!” Yay!

The native touch

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city.In my bay in the office, I sit in the midst of a crowd with varied backgrounds and cultures. I have a mix of population from almost all the parts of the India. So understandably, we speak in a dialect of India… Hindi. I like the language and there is absolutely no qualms about not being able to speak in Marathi, my mother tongue. But as an after effect, I’m beginning to lose touch with Marathi (I have to sadly admit that as even my wife is a North Indian). So whenever I meet a native, especially some one from in and around Nagpur any where, I make it a point to speak in Marathi.

I ended up speaking a couple of Marathi sentences with a person who interviewed me today (I’m NOT looking for a job!)

What is wrong in this?

Who cares to vote?

The title is not an derogatory remark, but a genuine question. I’m still a muhajir in Mumbai… an outsider. Since I have been staying on rent for last four years and haven’t stuck around in a house for more than 10 months, I couldn’t register to vote. I couldn’t go to my hometown to cast my vote either. If I could, I would have at least done my part to correct the abysmal turnout on the polling booth.

Its a shame that a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai registers only 41% voting. Lot has been said about the intelligent common man who now knows what is ‘the right’ and what is ‘the left’ (I believe you can not classify any thing as ‘wrong’ in politics). What happened to the campaigns by shiny film stars? What happened to the ‘Lead India’ thing? Election commission had a costly brand ambassador in Aamir Khan to woo the voters? What happened to that as well?

I think too much has been politicised, publicised and filmed about the importance of voting. If you ask me, the reason behind skipping the polls is a public way of telling that I’m not interested in the process. The public is now aware and in full control of their presence or absence from the polling booths. It is but a surreptitious hint to the Election commission to tell them that we DO NOT believe in the current democratic set up. There are too many parties and too many ideologies. For that matter there are too many leaders too useless. This is but a signal to the parties saying “We vote Nobody!”

Having said that, however, whether abstaining polls and letting them know what we care about is the right thing or not is the big question that goes unanswered.