Posts in Waiting

Couple of my good friends have promised to write a guest post on my blog. It was supposed to be one of those special ones for the Anniversary week specials. However unfortunately they haven’t been able to do so, owing to their busy schedules. So there is nothing new for today.Hopefully they will be able to do it over the weekend. Meaning, you might get to read them on coming Monday.

Again, thank you very much for the response to Maxmayur blog. While I write this, the last visitor count is 27,585 averaging more than 75 visitors every day. In all over 600 comments have been posted, making it almost 2 comments per day. Considering the repeat visits as well, at least 15-20 new people have discovered this space ans spent time looking at the content. I’m over whelmed. 🙂

In the mean while I’m working on a love story. Also the part two of Pallavi’s guest post is in the offing. So watch out for this space.

3 thoughts on “Posts in Waiting

  1. Dude, I’m really sorry I did not reply your request =(

    Besides, any posts from me might taint the quality benchmark set by your posts 😉

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