Guest Post: Samaira’s Tryst with superstition

Here comes guest post number 2… again from a Delhieit. I know Pallavi Walia only for a few months now. However we have been good friends since then. We met here on my blog, courtesy my love stories. Apart from being a very helpful and charming person, Pallavi is an exceptionally well networked PR top executive. Enjoy her tryst.

Samaira’s Tryst with Superstitions

In the night I sat back and relax, pondering over the day’s activities, things that got done and some unfinished tasks still at hand. As I let my thoughts loose, close my eyes, put up my feet with my hands crossed across my head and further slip into the slumber, I felt a jolt. What was that? My Imagination or there was something, my heart skipped a beat and I thought to myself, Oh! No not at this hour, not today, please God! But I saw a shadow emerge from the darkness and seeing believing. Standing tall in front of me with hand crossed across the chest … Samaira

Samaira who? Samaira is this 20 something. Of course like any other person her age she too is working, independent, plays a vital role in her company, responsible towards her family. Has a limited but good circle of friends. Doesn’t socialise much except with her most trusted people. Some say she can carry the world on her shoulders and actually she does sometimes with words ‘happy to help’ written all over her face. But she says, this service is exclusive to members of her ‘People I love and dote on club’.

In certain ways she is like any other girl her age with her share of inhibitions (a little more than others actually and these are not just the usual ones) yet different from so many I know. A little conscious about her looks about which is always on the defensive- well you see I am not as fair as other girls in my family-maybe because I was born at night- she tells you, but smart I am, she adds a little later confidently with her chirpy smile, a smile that will simply reflect in her eyes with a twinkle. She perpetually has one on her face all the time and that does add to her simplistic charm, I tell her… And she coolly shrugs away with a- it doesn’t matter to me look!

So well, she woke me up with a thump to have a heart to heart chit-chat! We girls do that sometimes, when our mind is clouded with 1001 different thoughts.

Sam: Hi there… how are you, what ya, I don’t call you so even you won’t check on me? – Always ready with a statement before anyone can say something to her.

I: Well, I said I thought you must be busy and will get back to me when ever you have the time.

Sam: I know I know- but why can’t you just call sometimes, if I am busy I will say so!

I: Okay, will keep a check on you. So tell me what have you been upto… Apart from your usual work-home-work routine? (I know the answer is going to be begin with a nothing much, and this means a lot actually)

Sam: Nothing much, you know, and she sinks further into the sofa. What about a cup of garam chai? And please can you be a little less generous with the quantity of milk in it?

I: Sure, your wish is my command. Kuch toh hai. A count till ten No, twenty actually before she starts with her story.

I: Here, is your Garam chai, and as she inhales the whiff of hot air coming from the cup and a sigh! again. Sam has this funny habit she likes to feel the aroma before sipping her tea.

Sam: Perfect! Just the way I want it to be.

I: now, 3, 2, 1, out with it

Sam: Okay, tell me something. So what is it?

I: What is what?

Sam: Why suddenly everyone at home has decided to go back to the dark ages?

I: you mean with mom and everyone doing rounds at the pundits and astrologers in context to your marriage

Sam: What else???

I: Hmmm… so?

Sam: So? How can you be so causal about it?

I: what else can I do?

Sam: okay, you can write and share with people at least and ask them to help me out?

I: Help you? With what? Finding a match?

Sam: Gawd! No… Just so that the ones my age can also share their experiences and I get to know how to they deal with situation like this.

I: Okay, done deal!

So this is Samaira’s story… read it and share with her what you feel about it. She will be happy to hear from you guys!

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Samaira’s Tryst with superstition

  1. I don’t know much about such topic(Love, Marriage) and ussually stay away from them, but I liked this line:-
    “Sam: Why is suddenly everyone at home decided to go back to the dark ages?”

  2. Not that i am an authority on this subject, but i found the article very interesting. I am sure a lot of people will be able to relate to this. Cheers!!

  3. @Pallavi: Yeah it is, but it is set in a marriage scenario. Anyway, superstition is everywhere not only in India. And it is irritating sometimes.

  4. very nicely written…im impressed…n very true about every gal….speacilly in middle class families…too many expectations from gals..very bad…

  5. Some stories catch you by tail, Samaira’s story catches you head on. Nobody knows from where and how Samaira came, but she allowed the author to share her deepest emotions. Perhaps, Samaira is the author’s alter-ego.

    On superstitions…they are just beliefs that have not gained wide acceptance. Wait till a superstition gains a critical mass of followers, it will explode into reality!

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