Will Nano replace the Auto Rikshaws?

Ratan Tata has done a great job by inventing (or conceiving and funding the invention) of the appropriately name car ‘Nano’. While he has fulfilled his dream of building world’s cheapest car, his other dream of making available the luxury of owning a car to the ‘Aam Aadmi’ is going to create problems.

With all due respect to Mr. Tata, I would like to suggest that Nano should be used as a replacement for the Auto Rikshaws and the aging taxis. It can seat 4 and moreover it is more safer and luxurious. This will also help in realising the ‘Tata’ dream of making a car available for every one in India. But if every one start buying it, god bless all of us.

Mr. Tata, are you listening?


4 thoughts on “Will Nano replace the Auto Rikshaws?

  1. Absolutely! Great Idea, it should be implemented. Only if they bring out a Nano that runs on CNG because only then it will be cost affective for the auto drivers and for passengers like me and more importantly environment friendly.

    But yes, it will be much easier and cheaper for the Auto guys to buy and drive a Nano. I understand from the auto wallahs in Delhi that if they have to buy an auto they have to shell out minimum Rs. 2.5 lacs (cost of the auto and a license fee to run it. This should make them happy!

  2. you are making the jump here šŸ™‚ .. for nano to be adopted by autorickshaws, the autos first have to be phased out into taxis only. they had initiated such a “drive” in hyderabad, but the autowallahs rallied against the idea. maybe with nano, the ubiquitous auto can now fade into oblivion šŸ™‚

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