Modi for Prime Minister

narendra-modiWith all due respect to Lal Krishna Advaniji, I would like to vote for Narendra Modi as India’s next prime ministerial candidate. If there is a man who can propel India in a position of strong hold, both economical and strength, it is him. Make him the PM and dare any one attack on us of even infiltrate our borders.

Here is a link giving you a sneak preview of the man of the future.

Join me in promoting the best man to lead India. “Modi for Prime Minister!” Yay!

5 thoughts on “Modi for Prime Minister

  1. App hi ek ase insan ho jo hamare gujarat ko nayi pahechan di
    app ke bare me jitana accha bolo uthana kam hai
    app ek mahan admi ho.
    hum to aaj tak gandhi bapu ko hi mahan mante the
    lekin ab app iske hakdar ho
    app ko rohan patel ke koti koti pranam

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