Blog anniversary day preperation

Maxmayur blog completes 1 year on the 28th of this May. This is hardly an achievement for some one else, but for me it is. Because I never thought I’d complete this stint, given the way I started.

So to make it a special day, I’d like to invite the readers and fellow bloggers to pen down some thoughts for my blog. Any article or a scrap in general will do. So if you are interested, please comment here with your blog url and email so that I can add you as an author temporarily. I will post a collection of all the good articles from the week of 25th May.


6 thoughts on “Blog anniversary day preperation

  1. Very well going, mate ! πŸ˜€

    I just checked the first post was spidy 3 review. You are very good at converting your thoughts into words. Keep it up!

    I confess; I’ve read all your blog posts except the love stories :p . Looking forward to lots of great stuff here!

    PS: Add feedburner feeds to your blog.

  2. Mayur, I am looking forward to the b’day celebrations!

    @ Big K: comeon! you have read the love stories too, maybe not all but one for sure!( we have proof)

  3. You have been regular visitors on this blog. Would you guys oblige to contribute?

    PS: Thanks for all the good words. πŸ™‚
    PPS: @K: Had you read love stories, you would have not been still single πŸ˜›

  4. @Mayur: You mean someone would magically appear as soon as I finish reading love stories? 😯

    -Would love to contribute. Give us few ideas about topics we can write about on your blog.

  5. sure, would love to contribute! any particular topics in mind? or we share and write whatever we want to?

    PS: can I also put down my wish list- as in what kind of stories I would like to read?

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