Who cares to vote?

The title is not an derogatory remark, but a genuine question. I’m still a muhajir in Mumbai… an outsider. Since I have been staying on rent for last four years and haven’t stuck around in a house for more than 10 months, I couldn’t register to vote. I couldn’t go to my hometown to cast my vote either. If I could, I would have at least done my part to correct the abysmal turnout on the polling booth.

Its a shame that a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai registers only 41% voting. Lot has been said about the intelligent common man who now knows what is ‘the right’ and what is ‘the left’ (I believe you can not classify any thing as ‘wrong’ in politics). What happened to the campaigns by shiny film stars? What happened to the ‘Lead India’ thing? Election commission had a costly brand ambassador in Aamir Khan to woo the voters? What happened to that as well?

I think too much has been politicised, publicised and filmed about the importance of voting. If you ask me, the reason behind skipping the polls is a public way of telling that I’m not interested in the process. The public is now aware and in full control of their presence or absence from the polling booths. It is but a surreptitious hint to the Election commission to tell them that we DO NOT believe in the current democratic set up. There are too many parties and too many ideologies. For that matter there are too many leaders too useless. This is but a signal to the parties saying “We vote Nobody!”

Having said that, however, whether abstaining polls and letting them know what we care about is the right thing or not is the big question that goes unanswered.


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