Jumbo King

Being  Mumbaikar for last 4 years, I have always savored on the best Vada Pavs available in the town. Despite trying out at various locations, Jumbo King still remains on the top of the list.

jumbokingI remember when I landed in Mumbai for my first job, how I used to rely on the Jumbo King stall outside the Andheri Station. I had to report to the office in BKC at 8:30 every morning. This meant I had to get up and run for the 8:06 churchgate local. With strict conditions in the office and no provision for eating some thing early morning at home ( a PG accomodation then), I was thankful that Jumbo King had helped with my breakfast me for almost 8-9 months.

Later I shifted my job and the route changed, so did the place. But my love for the Vada Pav remained. I used to specially locate centres where I could get the best Vada Pav. And thank fully Jambo King has always helped. It has a presence across the railway station in Mumbai. So I remained always accessible to good taste.

I have since bought both a two and a four wheeler and haven’t really traveled by train for last 2 years. So when I found and went to the MIDC Andheri outlet of Jumbo King few months back, I was taken by surprise. The store is quite big and also offers many other services such as Mini Meals, Sandwiches, Pav Bhaji amongst other things. They have also anointed a vendor to offer South Indian snacks and Rolls. Not only that, the Vada Pav is now available in variety of flavors such as Schezwan, Chhole, Paneer Makhni, Butter, Chees and all.

I must say Jumbo King has truly revolutionalised the traditional Vada Pav. Way to Go!

What Roadies?

During the lunch hour in the office, I was a part of a discussion on MTV Roadies. In fact, I was the only one who was a part of the discussion and still out of it as I knew nothing about it. I hadn’t expected grown up engineers and MBAs will be so damn interested in a show that requires less brains and more abusing languages, macho personalities, sexy bods and what not. I have watched the episode once and decided I had enough of non sense on day one itself.

I’m a practical guy. So probably it is difficult for me to digest the sense less reality shows. Anyway, there are mad followers (including a VP in my company) for that show and they all seem equally brainless to me. Whatever they are trying to show through Roadies (and another stupid show splitsvilla), MTV knows how to fool around with youngsters other people who believe they are young. Good luck MTV and good luck Roadies fans. But sorry, I’m outta here!

Fire at Will

Fire! Fire at will! kill every one!

… and thats what happening every where in the world today. Take it cricket field both on and off, football, Indian politics, Pakistan, Somalian pirates.

Virender Sehwag mercilessly butchered the New Zealand bowlers to chack the fastest ODI hundred by an Indian.The Kiwis were seen haplessly running for their lives around the stadium of Auckland.

Austrilian bowlers launched the ballistic missile attack on the South Africans. Though Jaques Kallis and AB DeVilliers put up a stern fight, they finally succumbed to the injuries thus ending defeated.

Liverpool banged 5 torpedos past Real Madrid where as Barcelona hammered 6 pass Lyon. Bayern Munich was even more ruthless, launching 12 rockets past Sporting Lisbon… and this all happened on the battle field of Champion League.

In Pakistan, a game of cat and mouse is on. People have decided to take part in a walkathon on 16th March. In all probabilities, they are likely to be greeted by ‘lathi’ bouquets and bullet sprinklers by the team Zardari. Its sad that a brilliant player like Asif Ali Zardari will eventually end up in a losing side being beaten by Taliban XI

In India, they are playing poker swaps. No its not a new game. It is an old fashioned player trading when the leaders are swapped as the transfer window opens just before the Lok Sabha Poll Position race. Now sadly the Lok Sabha race and the battle of Indian Premier League are going to clash. As the government is short of cheer leaders (the reserve and regular poloce force), we have been increasingly worried about the postponment of the IPL battle.

Thats all for the news update now. Keep firing at will. We will be back soon.

Oh! My Fate

Yesterday I met with an accident. And I’m going to blame my fate. Here is what happened.

7:44pm: I was supposed to leave office at quarter to 8 in the evening yesterday. I made myself ready, packed my laptop and was just about to leave when the extension rang. It was the security guard. My boss in US was trying to reach me. Duh, there goes another half an hour, I thought. He wanted to discuss lot of things about the new Sales campaigns, revised revenue targets, new target market and every thing I would love to hate. Thankfully in the middle of the call he got another one and he hung up.

8:03pm: I called my wife and told her that I was now ready to depart. I spent another 5-6 minutes exchanging pleasantries with my colleagues before heading for the lift.

8:10pm: I just about reached the basement when the mobile phone rang again. Damn this gadget, I said. But thankfully it was my friend. I had made a business proposition to him and he wanted to touch base on the same. We spoke for another 17 and a half minutes before hanging up.

8:28pm: I  was not finally ready to head home. I wore a helmet, adjusted my laptop and push-started my Honda Dio. My office is in Marol area of busy Andheri suburb of Mumbai. Adding more to the already mannerless traffic here, the road is dug up. But then I have been negotiating on this road for last 1 year now. So I had no problem trudging ahead via back side of the SEEPZ area and then ahead towards Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road. I met traffic again near the SEEPZ additional gate meaning a little more delay. But I drove well, smartly overtaking couple of fellow bikers and a Tata Indica before barging under the JVLR bridge. Next step was to take right and rev up. I did just that.

8:41pm: I took a right turn and put on the throttle. The road seemd empty except for lot of pedestrians and a BEST bus waiting on the left. Just as my bike gathered speed, a man came running out of the mob like a suicide bomber and BANG! Next thing I remember was I was lying on the ground, facing sky, few people peering on me. The other guy was under my bike writhing in pain. I had fallen on my head but hankfully the helmet had saved my day. The bike suffered bruises so did I (on the left hand). But miraculously I was saved. There were vehicles coming in from behind. Thankfully all spotted us and lowered the speed. By gods grace I’m safe and sound.

Looking at the sequence of events, I think I was supposed to have an accident. How else could you explain it? I could well have left early if my boss didn’t call. I could have left late if somebody hadn’t called my boss. I could have driven modestly in the traffic, or I could have not over taken the Indica and miss the guy by a second. But I didn’t and I ended up banging him.

Is it not fate?


Belated happy woman’s day to all the female readers of my blog. On the occasion of the woman’s day, I’m pointing down some fact findings about women that I find (Very, extremely) hard to understand.

  • Why are women thought of emotionally stronger than men when most of them cry on like every second not-so-sentimental or not-so-rude moments?
  • No matter what, women are almost always right about anything in life, be it politics, finance or love. Whenever they are proven to be wrong, they make you believe that the topic is not worthy of their importance.
  • Extending this point ahead, in the matters of investments, a woman’s advise is always handy… even though they know absolutely nothing about finance.
  • I disagree that women speak more than men. I know few females who just dont allow men to open their mouth.
  • Believe me, a sweet innocent smile from the your woman is all it takes for even the most rude man in the world to forgive and forget the most dreaded mistake.
  • It is hard to believe that women can apply hot wax on their feet, place a cloth on it, rip it apart in one go and still be afraid of the smallest bug in the garden.
  • It can only be a woman who makes excuses to climb even a flight of stairs and yet be very happy to go into the labors.
  • The greatest title, the greatest thing to be on this earth is to be a mother. I wish I could feel it once.

Liverpool’s premiership title hopes dashed

liverpoolI’m an ardent follower of Football, especially European football. Some club teams that I particularly like are Liverpool, Newcastle United (both from England) and AC Milan. But sadly this year all three teams haven’t been doing well. Liverpool, for that matter, lead the premiership for a good period and looked all set to claim the title only to see them fading post Christmas. It all followed after Rafa Benitez’s heady outburst in a press conference. He launched a scathing attack on Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson telling him why should he concentrate on his own club. Sir Alex was, however, riding high on the club world club success of Man U and did the wise thing of letting his players talk on the field. As a result, ManU has opened up a 4 point lead at the top. With 2 games in hand, it might eventually go up to 10! All Liverpool can do now is to continue winning matches and pray that Man U plays badly, which looks very unlikely.

Let me spend some time in analyzing what went wrong with Liverpool. I always believe that when a football team is playing badly, the chink in the armour is in their defense. Renowned for their defense, Liverpool have been very shaky this year. Jamie Carraghar is waging the lone battle in the defense. Both Sami Hyppia and Martin Skrtel have been battling injuries and have been in and out of the team. Fabio Aurelio, Daniel Agger and Alvaro Arbeloa have all been all but on the money. Even the departure of Steve Finnan has hurt them badly. Frankly speaking, Liverpool doesn’t look like a side that showed so much promise when they started their flight in the premier league this season.

Looking at the midfield, the biggest upset for them was Steven Gerrard’s injury at a time when his presence mattered the most. With the influential Argentine Javier Mascherano becoming out of sorts, it all fell on the shoulders of Spaniard Xabi  Alonso to take the midfield mantle. The new finds Albert Riera, Sebastian Leto and Leiva Lucas have been far less influential than what you would expect from players of international quality. There is a lotus in the whole muddle though and his name is Yossi Benayoun. This Israel international winger, not the tallest amongst the lot, is known for his fierce attacking moves and looks like he is the only one who can lend the much needed boost to the team along with Gerrard and Alonso. The best part is, he can double up as a striker too.

Every one knows about ‘now in now out’ Robbie Keane fiasco. He probably was one of the best strike partners Fernando Torres could have asked for. However, he was never settled and struggled to score goals in few of the matches he started. Though I’m not a fan of Dirk Kuyt, he is the man who has time and again rescued Liverpool from blushes with late goals, chip ins and buildups. But apart from these two, Liverpool lacks depth in the strike force. Cristian Nemeth, Ryan Babel, Nabil el Zhar and David Ngog have liverpool_Championsall played handful of games and scored a few too. But most of the time they haven’t been able to create the magic and threat that the likes of Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Carlos Tevez have been able to do for Man U.

Hmmm, so what is in store for a Liverpool fan like me? Well I think Liverpool should forget about any silverware this season. They had nothing in the Carling Cup. They were knocked out by arch rivals Everton in the FA cup and they are behind in the Premier League too. Only hope is Champions League. They have done better (again thanks to Benayoun) by beating Real Madrid 0-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu in the round of 32. But there is a mountain to climb. I just hope Stevie G’s magic casts a spell. I really hope it does.

Good Luck to you Reds… from a reds fan!

Srilankan Cricketers attacked in Lahore

Pakistan’s quest to fight against terrorism and allegations by the world plunged further when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Sri Lankan cricket team today morning. The players were on their way to Gadaffi stadium in Lahore, proceeding for playing the second and final test match. The Dawn channel has shared footage of two gunmen opening fire, which is now being aired across the channels. Four or Five policemen are believed to be dead and seven players feared to be injured. However the names of the players are not yet disclosed.

Luckily for us, India had called off their tour of Pakistan in December in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. India has since been blaming Pakistan-based terrorists for the attacks. Sri Lanka was the only team who agreed to replace India play in Pakistan. The tour was split in two visits- playing the three-match one-day series in January followed by the two Tests which are underway now.

This incident goes down as a big jolt to the Pakistan Cricket and erstwhile concerns of security in the terror lorn country. The debates involving growing influence of Taliban in the country will now take a new meaning. All I can do now is to wish for the security of Srilankan cricketers and the wishful innocent Pakistanis. Inshahallah!