The vernacular MBAs

I have been trying to interview few candidates both for my own company and for my clients for last few days. In all I must have profiled around 100 desperados who are ready to negotiate their salaries in a bid to land a job. What I found very strage is all these so called Management Grads from not-so-premier business schools are absolutely weak in communicating in good English. I mean is this not a minimum thing expected from a person who is rearing to go for a management career?

5 thoughts on “The vernacular MBAs

  1. This is the most common problem. I face similar situation while interviewing people for a job in my company. Sometimes I tell them forget about conversing in English, lets just talk in Hindi even that is a challenge at times because they come from those parts of India where not much of Hindi is spoken)… and I am in the communications line- where spoken skills are a pre requisite. These people are simply low on communications quotient (that’s what I like to refer it as).

    We are not taught the importance of good communication skill.. I was one such candidate a few years ago but I was given an opportunity to learn and I do the same, give someone an opportunity to learn, teach them- of course a lot of patience is required.

    We do what the high funda, management institutes are supposed to do… I wish someone could just change the education system especially in profession institutes. It should be a must for everyone to go through basic communication workshops which will help them become what they aspire for!

    • It is alright to not know how to speak in English. But the problem is, people dont even try to improve their language even when they know they are bad at speaking. Its not just about English language. You speak any language but speak it properly.

  2. ummm … sometimes it can be an absolute turn-off :-). But to put forth a counter-argument or a different perspective for that matter, why should MBA education be relegated to the english language 🙂

    PS – by the way its ‘raring’ and not ‘rearing’ 🙂

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