What Roadies?

During the lunch hour in the office, I was a part of a discussion on MTV Roadies. In fact, I was the only one who was a part of the discussion and still out of it as I knew nothing about it. I hadn’t expected grown up engineers and MBAs will be so damn interested in a show that requires less brains and more abusing languages, macho personalities, sexy bods and what not. I have watched the episode once and decided I had enough of non sense on day one itself.

I’m a practical guy. So probably it is difficult for me to digest the sense less reality shows. Anyway, there are mad followers (including a VP in my company) for that show and they all seem equally brainless to me. Whatever they are trying to show through Roadies (and another stupid show splitsvilla), MTV knows how to fool around with youngsters other people who believe they are young. Good luck MTV and good luck Roadies fans. But sorry, I’m outta here!


9 thoughts on “What Roadies?

  1. Hi Mayur :), Long time!! Watch Roadies when you get the time. You come to know how juvenile these 18 year olds can be. How completely immature 🙂 … its funny as hell!!

  2. Finally some one thinks along the same lines as me. Every time I see splitsvilla I have a strong urge to smash my TV…but thankfully the remote would help me!

    And roadies….oh boy can there be a more stupid show? The funny part is that they do it all with a serious face. Will they grow up??

  3. hahahahahah!!!

    Would you call me stupid freak as I stream roadies and watch?But yes I do watch roadies.
    I believe from the bottom of my heart that that show sucks!! the physcoligy beinhd watching is same what drives you to view GRUDGE/ EVILDEAD/UNBORN knowing that you will have all wired shocks anf freaks next couple of months.

    We gave up Roadies few weeks ago , but them my roomie prompted there is a twist.. and here we are again streaming and watching!!!


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