Belated happy woman’s day to all the female readers of my blog. On the occasion of the woman’s day, I’m pointing down some fact findings about women that I find (Very, extremely) hard to understand.

  • Why are women thought of emotionally stronger than men when most of them cry on like every second not-so-sentimental or not-so-rude moments?
  • No matter what, women are almost always right about anything in life, be it politics, finance or love. Whenever they are proven to be wrong, they make you believe that the topic is not worthy of their importance.
  • Extending this point ahead, in the matters of investments, a woman’s advise is always handy… even though they know absolutely nothing about finance.
  • I disagree that women speak more than men. I know few females who just dont allow men to open their mouth.
  • Believe me, a sweet innocent smile from the your woman is all it takes for even the most rude man in the world to forgive and forget the most dreaded mistake.
  • It is hard to believe that women can apply hot wax on their feet, place a cloth on it, rip it apart in one go and still be afraid of the smallest bug in the garden.
  • It can only be a woman who makes excuses to climb even a flight of stairs and yet be very happy to go into the labors.
  • The greatest title, the greatest thing to be on this earth is to be a mother. I wish I could feel it once.

4 thoughts on “Women

  1. Thank you so much for the wishes! Though I like to celebrate womanhood every day.
    But if this day gives you a reason enough to make all the women readers feel special- then a big THANKS!

    Let me try and make you understand some facts about us that you find hard to understand…

    • I agree that women can cry at drop of the hat, but only on certain occasions. Not only are we emotionally strong but the strength of our mind is also something that the men folk can’t match or challenge. We are better at handling crisis situation, while men most of time loose their cool, we at that point in time take charge of the situation until it is sorted. It our emotional strength that keeps a family going- we support and manage so many relationships as a daughter, wife, sister, parent, colleague, friend at the same time, fulfilling emotional requirement of each one of them. Tears is not a parameter to evaluate our emotional strength, it is our will power to adjust, adapt to every kind of situation, shoulder responsibilities and still pass on a smile- what can give you an insight on how strong we ARE!

    • We are as much an authority on every subject/issue as you. In fact most of time our opinions/advices are more sort after, practical and viable and trust me most of the guys agree to this fact- even though silently…

    • Names like Naina Lal Kidwai, chanda Kochhar or Shyamala Gopinath (one of the deputy governors of the Reserve Bank of India) are few of the many women that are well known for making a mark in the field of finance. Many young women like me not only manage their own investments and other money related issues but also for our parents. If we can manage the household budgets and savings then how can anyone discount our opinion on this topic, It is equally valid, important and valuable

    • And I also know of many men who I wish were patient listeners to what women had to say…

    • Is it also hard to believe that we are open about expressing our fears while most men try to hide what they fear- it could also mean being scared of a lizard… and yes, if my facts are right a lot of men now days also go in for waxing I think it does scare them to have hot wax on their feet, place a cloth on it, rip it apart in one go!

    • We may not be macho but no one can match our physical endurance- we can do much beyond anyone’s imagination and all with a smile! And this includes a beautiful experience of becoming a mother ( any pain in the world is worth it), climbing mountains, going to the space, flying aircrafts, traveling in buses, crowded locals, cooking meals in a kitchen which it is as hot as the blazing sun… the list is long really long!

    Well you cannot experience the joys of giving birth to a baby- but by being a part of our lives and celebrating womanhood with us you automatically become a part of all the joys!

  2. “The greatest title, the greatest thing to be on this earth is to be a mother. I wish I could feel it once”

    You can go for a gender reproductive change if you REALLY wish that, then change back 😉

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