You dig some… I dig more

“Yahan bhi khuda hai. Wahan bhi khuda hai. Jahan khuda nahi hai, wahan kal khudega!”

I think this is what the mantra is for most of the public works authorities in most cities. I have been plying on the Lal Bahadur Shastri road (LBS) in the central suburbs for few months now. There is a stretch of about 2 kms in Bhandup where you will always dug up. Every week you will find a new section of the road is dug up. And every time, the board changes. Some times it is MMRDA, some times it is PWD, some times MTNL and some times some thing else. Its not just Bhandup, the case is same all over the LBS and I heard even the SV road.As if I was not already troubled by the Andheri Kurla road and the Powai traffic, now this mess waits for us in Bhandup.

Although the authorities have been prompt in filling all the gaps, they are proactive in digging them again. I have two questions for BMC who authorises all this.

(1) Either you close the road for good 2 months and tell us to use alternative route.
(2) Ban all the cars and replace them with Horses, Camels et all so that we dont need to use roads.

Take your pick!

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