L7: Head over Heels, The Prologue

A fellow blogger and a friend on mine has shared her love story with me. With her permission I’m publishing it here, as written by her for your readership and review.



Head over heels: The prologue

It is not a love story with a fairy tale ending but then I am no Cindrella either!

I never thought it could happen to me. Only in wildest dreams probably I could fall in love with someone. But never thought it would silently walk into my life and all my practical ideas that I lived with all my life would fly out of the window. Hmmm… so I fell for a man I never met or even heard his voice. How could I do something as crazy as this? Fall for someone I only exchanged mails with. Now some of you might think.. Girls love in chat rooms is kiddish and you don’t know who the guy on other side of the computer is. But this was not love in chat rooms. our parents had introduced us. We had not met but started to exchange mails and I did get to know the guy on the other side. I know when he is unsure and uncertain about things he chooses to be silent and no matter how hard you try he will not speak up and he knows me too- he thinks I am contextual, candid, frank and describes as one hell of a person (he says this when he loves and admires someone and the way they talk).

Anyway, It happened one fine Sunday, what, where, when, how everything I will share. I never imagined my parents would be the ones to introduce me to the guy I will end up falling in love with and they had done this with an intention that I might eventually end up getting married to him. Well marriage did not happen but love did (they don’t know about it because this one sided affair might just make them upset)

Mine is not exactly a happy love story but the fact that I too fell in love with someone makes me happy. It made me discover certain facets of my personality which I never realized existed and now I am not scared of falling in love or getting into a relationship and my friends are only too happy for me!

Like any other girl of my age I had my share of crushes and got some proposals too. Again like a good girl, I thought them through- do I see myself with this guy? Mostly I came to a negative conclusion. But for the first time when I thought about Mr. A (that’s the guy l loved) & me- I got an answer which was YES. Wham! It just blew me; I really was in love and was I happy. Only that I realized it a little too late and I was not sure about what Mr. A thought about me. So I kept my feelings to myself. I don’t know if I ever will talk to him again. And even if I do, I don’t know what I will talk. I think he is getting married- he social profile status says committed. Whether we both were meant to be together is a question I cannot answer. But yes, one question that I can answer. Should we have given it a chance? and my answer is YES YES YES!


The story is continued. Watch out for my next post

15 thoughts on “L7: Head over Heels, The Prologue

  1. I guess you stil have to experience the feeling of being love.. and if you have been in love then too bad that you feel this way… love is one of those few things that can never be rated on a scale… so no chance of it being over rated.. but thanks a ton! for your comments..

  2. You are in love with yourself, nature, your guitar, your work and our country.. don’t you think everything here is about you.. and yes, you are in love with everything except a person. Fall in love with another person and when you do and that person loves you back unconditionally or even if does not, then my friend you will not say love is overrated but worth it!!!

    i wish for you… that YOU fall in love soon!

  3. @Pallavi: It’s not about me. It’s ‘I’ who is in love with something/someone. I love many people – my family, my friends, my relatives – and guess what? My love for them is unconditional.

    By ‘love is overrated’ is specifically meant ‘falling is love with him/her (as in movies :mrgreen: )’. I bet it’s overrated.

  4. @ A Big K: My only comment to that will be… if your love for all these people is unconditional then it can’t be overrated ( try rating the love for your family on a scale, i bet you can’t)… and as for movies etc are concerned we are talking about a true love story here, so guess yr point is not valid n applicable in this case!

  5. @ A Big K: i hope you read this too…we are talking about a true love story here, so guess yr point is not valid n applicable in this case!



  6. @ A Big k…for that you will have to wait and read the story… and yes! how do can you question that the feeling I had for Mr. A was not love but only liking… at I think I am mature enough to understand the difference between love n liking!


    PS: read the first few lines of the last para again!

  7. Just the way you would know how to differentiate between not liking someone & hating someone….the same you can understand when you like or love someone!!!

    PS: you came around the fact that love is not overrated in real life, you actually love a lot of people in your life too. Guess you will get this one as well!

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